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Athletics & Activities

656W2917Interscholastic athletics provide a means by which students can gain experience that contributes toward enhanced physical growth and development, sound health habits, proper standards of conduct, and responsible social behavior. The district views interscholastic athletics as an extension of the instructional program and subject to the same professional standards applicable to the total educational program.

Our athletic programs affect all members of the student body whether or not they directly participate. By participating, a student makes a commitment to responsibly represent their school through their conduct. The major responsibility is to administer and implement policies and procedures in a manner which protects the welfare of our student athletes.

Athletic Programs: Students at 4J high schools may participate in a variety of sports. Many are sanctioned for interscholastic competition by the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA), and others are treated as club sports. Interested students should check with their high school’s athletic director or physical education staff for opportunities.

At the middle school level, 4J sponsors only track and field. 4J does not sponsor elementary-age athletics. A number of private groups sponsor a variety of sports for Eugene children — although the programs are not connected to 4J, these organizations may divide teams by school attendance.

Physical Exams: Students who play interscholastic sports must be examined by a physician before participating. An athlete participation permit form, available in school offices, must be completed and placed on file for each student athlete. Athletes need one physical exam every two years. These physicals are to be given no earlier than May 1 of the school year in which the student participates. Additional physical exams may be required in certain cases.

Concussion Response: Athletes in specified sports may be required to partcipate in the ImPACT concussion testing program, and the district has procedures in place for students who have had a concussive injury. Please see information about concussion response or contact your school’s athletic director for more information.

Insurance: Athletes must be covered by some form of accident insurance. Additional insurance is not required if a parent certifies that an athlete is already covered by an accident and hospital plan. Voluntary accident insurance coverage information is available through the school. All fees and insurance coverage must be in place by the start of the sport’s season.

Eligibility: High school athletic directors are responsible for interpreting athletic eligibility rules and for providing information to parents and students. Questions about disagreements, unusual circumstances or appeals should go to the school’s athletic director. Problems not resolved at the school should go to the 4J activities coordinator (541-790-7560).

Fees: Fees are assessed for each activity. The district wants all students to be able to participate in athletics and activities, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. If an athletics or activity fee is a hardship, students can request a fee reduction. Student assistance applications are available in school offices.

Title IX: Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, in education programs including athletics. For questions or complaints about Title IX, contact the District Title IX Coordinator, Dawn Strong, at titleixcoordinator@4j.lane.edu or 541-790-7558, or the superintendent’s office at 541-790-7706.

Nutritional Supplements in Athletics: School Board Police, Code JFCIB: The use of any drug, medication or dietary supplement as a performance-enhancing agent (steroids, bronchial dilators, creatine, androstenedione, etc.) is strongly discouraged.  All student athletes and their parents/guardians should consult with their physicians before taking any supplement. In order to minimize health and safety risks to student athletes, maintain ethical standards and reduce liability risks, no coach or school staff member, when in the course and scope of employment by the district, shall ever recommend, supply or encourage the use of any drug, medication or dietary supplement for performance-enhancing purposes.

Athletics Contacts

District Athletics Coordinator: Kelly Bokn, bokn_k@4j.lane.edu
Contact: Debbie McKim – 541-790-7564