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Enrollment for Students in Shared Housing

2020-2021 Shared Housing Form Request

Shared Housing General Information

A student living in shared housing may be enrolled by their parent/guardian with a Eugene School District 4J Shared Housing Form. The Shared Housing Form is used to verify a student’s Proof of Residence/Address when a family has an informal housing arrangement, such as with a relative or friend or when the parent/guardian of the student cannot provide the required Proof of Residence/Address documents for enrollment at a 4J school.

Click here for information on required documents for Proof of Residence/Address requirements for enrollment.

McKinney-Vento Program

If the shared housing is a temporary living arrangement due to loss of housing or economic hardship, please contact the McKinney-Vento Office for more information regarding eligibility for educational services under the McKinney-Vento Education Act at 541-790-4932.

How to request a shared housing form

The form is available through the Student Placement Coordinator in the School Choice and Student Placement Office. Completed original forms must be submitted to the Student Placement Coordinator, Eugene School District, 200 North Monroe Street, Eugene OR 97402:

  • Submit a Shared Housing Form Request online. You can also request a copy at schoolchoice@4j.lane.edu.
    • Upon receipt, the School Choice and Student Placement Office will email the required documentation and next steps for 2020-2021 enrollment in Eugene School District 4J schools.
  • Get signatures notarized on Shared Housing Form with an Oregon Notary Public. The parent/guardian and the homeowner/leaseholder signatures must be notarized. Both parties must bring a current driver’s license or other valid picture identification to have signature notarized. The Eugene School District offers free notary services through the Student Placement Coordinator. 
  • Submit completed and notarized original forms to the Student Placement Coordinator with a copy of one of the following documents recently issued or currently valid, and with the name and residential address of the homeowner/leaseholder:

    • mortgage statement

    • lease agreement

    • rent receipt

    • utility bill

    • recently mailed document from government entity, e.g. State of Oregon or United States agency.

The School Choice and Student Placement Office is located at the Eugene School District 4J Education Center, 200 North Monroe Street, Eugene, OR 97402. A mail slot is available at the front entrance.

Please email schoolchoice@4j.lane.edu for more information.