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International Students: Rules and Procedures

  1. The thirty-two (32) student quota will be distributed as follows:
    1. Eight students for each high school.
    2. The 2019-20 International Student application will be available on April 1, 2019. Applications will be accepted after April 15, 2019, no exceptions. There is no deadline to submit an application, applications will be accepted until the quota for each school is filled.
    3. More than one student from the same country may be placed in the same school.
  2. *Two sets of the completed application, official transcript of credits, English proficiency statement, and other required information regarding an International student must be received by the District 4J Instruction department no earlier than April 15 of the prior the school year the student is requesting to attend. *1 original and 1 copy (hard copies only) of the application must be submitted.  Emailed or faxed applications will not be accepted, no exceptions.
  3. An International student must be proficient in the English language before his or her application will be considered.
  4. An International student should reside with, or have made arrangements to reside with, a legal resident of District 4J before final approval of the application. Students are required to have confirmed lodging arrangement before they enroll.
  5. International students must attend the neighborhood school where their host family resides, no exceptions.
  6. District 4J will not accept any responsibility for the housing or insurance needs of an International student.
  7. An International student will not be accepted for a period of less than one trimester.
  8. Tuition for an International student will not be waived for a period of more than one year.
  9. District 4J will not make provisions for meeting a student’s personal expenses.
  10. It is a violation of immigration regulations for International students to obtain employment while attending school in the United States.
  11. International students in good standing are eligible to participate in commencement ceremonies but not eligible to receive a diploma from a 4J high school.

Prior to submitting, please view the check list on page 6 to confirm the application is complete.