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International Student Exchange Program: Administrative Rules

The following rules are in place for international students applying for and enrolling in the Eugene School District 4J International Student Exchange Program:

    1. The thirty-two (32) student quota will be distributed as follows:
      1. Eight students for each high school
      2. Applications will be received after April 15 of each year, no exceptions
      3. There is no deadline to submit an application; applications will be accepted until the quota for each school is filled
    2. An official and complete 4J International Student Application contains:
      1. the original 4J International Student Application form, with all requested signatures
      2. official transcript of credits
      3. English language proficiency test score(s)
      4. personal statement
      5. medical examination and immunization records
      6. forms required by a sponsoring international student organization may also be included
    3. Student must 18 years of age or younger (not over 18 years of age) on the first day of attendance.
    4. Student cannot have graduated from any secondary school program or the equivalent.
    5. Student must demonstrate English language proficiency with one of the following tests:
      • ELTiS — English Language Test for International Students
      • SLEP—Secondary Level English Proficiency
      • TOEFL—Test of English as a Foreign Language
      • IELTS—International English Language Test
    6. Eugene School District 4J will accept international students for a term of study of one, two or three trimesters.
    7. Student must apply to attend for a period of one, two or three trimesters to be enrolled and obtain credit. A student who requests to attend for less than one trimester is considered a visitor and cannot be formally enrolled. The 4J international student exchange program does not become  involved with visitors.
    8. Students in good standing are eligible to participate in commencement ceremonies but not eligible to receive a diploma from Eugene School District 4J.
    9. Student must have confirmed lodging arrangements for their entire stay prior to enrollment.
    10. Student must live with a host family who resides within the Eugene School District 4J attendance boundary.
    11. Student must attend the host family’s neighborhood high school.
    12. Student who enrolls with an F visa is restricted from competing in team sports under OSAA guidelines.
    13. Eugene School District 4J cannot accept any responsibility for the housing or insurance needs of an international student.
    14. Eugene School District 4J cannot make provisions for meeting a student’s personal expenses.
    15. Eugene School District 4J cannot waive tuition for an international student for a period of more than one year.
    16. Student cannot obtain employment while attending school in the United States.
    17. Student cannot operate a motorized vehicle or aircraft of any description, e.g. automobile, motorcycle, scooter, except during the “behind-the-wheel” portion of a driver’s training class under district approved conditions.