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Enrollment by Guardians

Students who are unable to live with parents because of extenuating circumstances will need completed residency tuition waiver papers on file before they can be enrolled in school. Two forms will need to be completed: (1) a tuition waiver application and (2) a notorized power of attorney giving temporary custody of the student, if under 18 years of age, to the guardian with whom they will be living. These forms are available at the School District Office in the Instruction Department at 200 N. Monroe Street, Eugene, Oregon.

The completed tuition waiver and power of attorney forms are submitted for approval to the Deputy Superintendent. If the request meets the appropriate criteria and is not primarily for the purpose of attending a 4J school, it will be approved. The residence of those with whom the student will be living is considered the home attendance area. Patrons areresponsible for keeping powers of attorney current.

Please call 541-790-7553 for more information.