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Translation & Interpreter Services

Request Services

When an interpreter is unavailable to come out to your location, we highly encourage the use of our new phone service “CTS- Language Link”. Connect with someone in minutes using a speakerphone or cell phone speaker. This service can be used to call home as well as for face to face meetings. (See below for instructions.)

How to Use the “Language Link” phone service (Oral Interpreting Service)

  • Step 1: Call 1 877-764-7999
  • Step 2: Enter Account Number 16206, followed by # sign
  • Step 3: Choose a language
    • Select 1 to be connected directly to your Spanish interpreter
    • Select 2 to be connected directly to your Russian Interpreter    
    • Select 3 to be connected directly to your Vietnamese Interpreter
    • Select 9 for all other languages
  • Step 4: “Approval Code”-­‐Enter your school or department’s 3 digit “cost center” code followed by 1 or 2   (1-Parent phone call & 2-Parent conferences)

*Example – my cost center is 123 and I need to call the Parent because the student is ill. Approval Code is: 123 (1)

 Need to make a call home? Make a 3rd party call. Dial 1-877-764-7999 and press 9 to reach a Customer Service Representative and they will call your parent and bridge the call together with you and the interpreter.


Important Considerations

  • If interpretation can be provided by bilingual classified personnel please email Vanessa Vasquez or call x7717.
  • Students should not be used as interpreters, especially when relaying academic or behavioral information to parents.
  • When planning parent conferences, please consider interpreting needs from the start. Work with your staff in advance to group families within a certain time block to best utilize our interpreters during this busy time. Ideally, as many families as possible who need interpretetation services in a given language should be grouped together on a given day or days.
  • Please keep in mind that a quick phone call by an interpreter to explain written information sent home in English may be a more effective and personal way of getting the message across than a written translation of the document. In this case, please include any information to be communicated when making a request.
  • Will you need interpretation for multiple people in the same language at one event? Talk and Listen Kits may be the answer. 4J now offers this helpful tool for large group interpreting. An interpreter is set up with the voice-silencing PrivacyMic microphone, which is connected to a transmitter. Listeners in the audience are equipped with a receiver and listening device and can hear as a speaker gives their presentation, simultaneously in the desired language. Please note in your request that you feel this technology would be an asset in the setting you are requesting an interpreter for.