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Elementary School Summer Programs

Eugene School District 4J is offering summer enrichment opportunities for elementary school students. More programs may be added. Please check back for updates.

Other free summer enrichment opportunities (taught by 4J teachers):

Charleston (Solo Jazz) Dance Camp

Who: Grades K–12
 August 5 & 10, 10–11 a.m. (drop-off starts at 9:30 a.m.)
Where: Monroe Middle School, 2800 Bailey Lane
Contact: Angela Finneran, 541-808-1499, finneran_a@4j.lane.edu
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/Q326vXjAaSEq61RP7

The Charleston is the original dance craze that swept the nation from coast to coast. Originating in 1920s South Carolina, echos of its rhythm and shape can be seen in hip hop, breakin’, and other contemporary Black American traditions. We will explore the many variations of the Charleston that have developed through the decades and encourage students to find their own style to add to the conversation! The class will include follow-the-leader-style learning of classic jazz steps, as well as jam circles and tons of fun music. No experience necessary, just bring your good vibes! This course will be the same on both August 5th and 10th, but feel free to sign up for both!

Class capacity- 40 students, all ages

**Solo dance will be held in accordance with 4J School District COVID safety protocols specific, Including the practice of social distancing and required PPE.**