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IIPM – Instructional Intervention Progress Monitoring

The District’s IIPM (Instructional Intervention Progress Monitoring) Model and IIPM Pre/Referral Process incorporates an instructional intervention and progress monitoring framework derived from behaviorist learning theory and a Response to Intervention (RTI) methodology.  The IIPM Model is a formal, structured approach to the provision of high-quality instruction and intervention matched to students’ academic and learning needs. The approach requires frequent progress monitoring to assess student academic performance and learning rate to guide instruction, and is conceptualized in the District’s IIPM Model as a Response to Instruction (RtInst) methodology.  The IIPM Pre/Referral Process provides extensive pre/referral information necessary for non-discriminatory and fair assessments of all students, including CLD students. The IIPM Pre/Referral Process and incorporated RtInst methodology effectively address early identification and intervention of any academic difficulties within the general education environment.