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4J CTE Programs of Study

Career and technical education (CTE) is an educational program for high school students based on individual interests and industry needs. The Oregon Department of Education has established six CTE learning areas, which are aligned to industry standards and integrate technical and career skill proficiencies with academic content. CTE prepares students for the workplace, further education, training and community roles. 

The CTE learning areas (aka career areas) are: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource SystemsArts, Information and CommunicationBusiness and ManagementHealth ServicesHuman ResourcesIndustrial and Engineering Systems

Eugene School District 4J offers a broad array of CTE programs within these learning areas that will help prepare students for the high-demand jobs of today and the cutting-edge professions of tomorrow. See below for more information about the CTE programs and where they are offered.

To learn about the courses available within each program and the detailed course descriptions, check the high school’s curriculum guide—available on the school’s website or by contacting the school office.

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems

Discover classes, programs, transfer areas and careers related to cultivating and preserving our natural resources.


Environmental Sciences
Offered at Churchill High School
The environmental sciences program of study at Churchill is conducted through the Rachel Carson Academy. It is a two-year program through which students explore career options in the environmental science field during junior and senior years. The curriculum features outdoor field studies classes with a focus on hands-on learning. Students study the natural environment through integrated science, social studies and applied arts classes. Students will master skills used in the real world to address challenging environmental problems.

Arts, Information and Communication

Explore classes, programs, transfer areas and careers related to visual arts, performing arts, writing, speech communication, media arts, literature, film, journalism, languages, art history and more.


Computer and Information Sciences
Offered at North Eugene High School, South Eugene High School & ECCO
The computer and information sciences program of study provides students with the opportunity to learn various programming languages, basic computer terminology and much more. In this program, students will take Computer Fundamentals, Intro To Web Design, and Game Development courses. The skills they develop will enable them to be ready for college or jobs in the technology industry.

Digital Arts and Media
Offered at Churchill High School & North Eugene High School
The digital media arts program of study is designed to teach students about basic camera skills using digital cameras. Shooting footage and handling the camera are parts of the class that require maturity and attention to detail. Students will be taught basic Adobe Premiere Pro techniques for video editing, as well as contributing to the overall media presence of the high school.

Graphic Design
Offered at Churchill High School, South Eugene High Schoool & Sheldon High School
The graphic design program of study offers comprehensive high school graphic design. To keep students engaged, all design courses are project-based and focused on real work design needs. Graphic design skills and concepts are taught through a wide variety of digital and hands-on activities. Students learn by using Apple computers, industry-standard software, a professional digital photography studio, and cool digital devices.

Media Arts and Communication
Offered at South Eugene High School
The media arts and communication program of study teaches students how words and visuals work together to create stories and learn new ways to explore content digitally. Students will learn through hands-on experience, combining journalism, desktop publishing, graphic design, photography and team collaboration to produce a unique publication.

Music Performing Arts and Technology
Offered at Churchill High School & Sheldon High School
The music performing arts and technology program of study offers music courses for a full year to ensure the broadest musical experiences, the most rewarding student progress, and the finest musical ensemble performances. Some string, woodwind and brass instruments are available for students with previous instrumental experience to use. Students also will work on their skills using digital sound, add concepts of capturing “live” sound to their sound palette, and use microphones and digital sound production/manipulation.

Programming and Software Development
Offered at Sheldon High School
Students will be introduced to a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

Business and Management

Looking to start or continue a career in the culinary, event management, hospitality and tourism industries? Dreaming of starting and running your own business? Take a look at the business and management programs of study.


Offered at Sheldon High School
This course introduces the fundamental principles of double-entry accrual accounting for a sole proprietorship. Students will analyze and record transactions and adjustments, account for payroll transactions, and prepare financial statements for service and merchandising firms.

Business Management
Offered at Sheldon High School
Students learn teamwork and problem-solving skills through exposure to a variety of computer-based activities. Students learn the proper business etiquette expected in today’s global marketplace and are introduced to communication skills needed in the workplace.

Culinary Arts
Offered at North Eugene High School & South Eugene High School
Students learn culinary skills and techniques, creating innovative menus and restaurant-quality dishes. Topics covered include preparing meals on both a small and large-scale; preserving nutrients throughout the food preparation process; using and maintaining commercial cooking equipment; storing food, learning about advances in food technology, sanitation and management; and discovering the many careers available in the food service industry.

Offered at Sheldon High School
Students learn the foundations to successfully market goods, services and ideas to consumers. They will become proficient with the basics of  website production, yearbook design and layout, and advanced experience in newspaper staff management, reporting, editing, page layout, marketing and graphic design.

Health Services

If you’re interested in helping people get better or live a more healthy life, these are the programs of study for you. Careers paths include those related to health education, exercise and fitness, and direct and indirect patient care in hospitals, clinics and healthcare settings.


Health Services
Offered at Churchill High School & North Eugene High School
This program prepares all students for a wide array of high-demand, health-based careers by building a solid foundation in scientific reasoning, medical language, cultural and ethical competency, and anatomical knowledge. With the help of industry partnerships, students gain the hands-on, practical skills that prepare them to enter pre-professional programs and pursue a future in health services. Successful graduates have applied their articulated credits and training towards college degrees and professional certifications at Lane Community College, Oregon Health & Science University, University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, George Fox University and other programs.

Human Resources

If you like working with people, the human resources programs of study will explore classes and careers related to education, human behavior, society and cultures, and human services.


Child Development and Education
Offered at North Eugene High School & South Eugene High School
Child Development and Education will introduce students to the human mind, as well as physical and emotional health. This program is for students interested in a career as a psychologist, teacher, social worker or early childhood education specialist. These courses will assist you along your journey.

Industrial and Engineering Systems

Do you like working with your hands? Dig into classes, programs, and careers related to professional and technical training in automotive, aviation, manufacturing, construction, drafting, welding and electrical.


Construction Technology
Offered at North Eugene High School
Students build structures and engage in project-based learning that exposes them to commercial, industrial, residential, public works and institutional technologies to help them understand construction career opportunities. They learn proper safety procedures for tools and machinery, the vocabulary and terms associated with construction, blueprint reading and symbols associated with architecture, and math concepts and principles used in construction.

Engineering Design
Offered at Churchill High School & South Eugene High School
The mission of the Engineering Academy is to empower students from all backgrounds to explore. They are organized through unique learning experiences that foster creativity, teamwork and service. The curriculum emphasizes process over product and encourages students to try out their ideas in a collaborative, project-based format.

Engineering Technology
Offered at South Eugene High School
If you are interested in applied science or engineering, or are considering a career in a technical field, this developing program may fit your needs. Not only will you learn to design and fly drones, you also could get your commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems  pilot certificate and earn college credit through the College Now program while you are still in high school.

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