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BEST for Success Afterschool Program

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The BEST Afterschool Program, funded in part by the 21st Century Community Learning Center grantTitle I, and Eugene Education Foundation funding is an academic and enrichment program supporting kids and families of Eugene since 2000.

BEST is located in six schools in Eugene School District 4J. Elementary students in need of additional reading and math support are invited to participate in this school-based program. The middle level program is open to all students at that site. The school district’s Title 1 program partners to provide reading and math interventions, staffing, training and curriculum support.

BEST will begin in September for the 2019/2020 school year. Contact your school for more information.


In collaboration with community partners, BEST aims to engage youth in academic and enrichment opportunities that foster self-confidence, determination, a joy of learning, and a sense of community.


BEST strives to provide enriching afterschool programs for all students in need of expanded learning opportunities in our community. We will work to:

  • Foster mutually respectful relationships that honor student voice in decision making.
  • Boost academic achievement for all students.
  • Create an environment that supports necessary positive youth development.
  • Continually adapt program to empower students in becoming viable citizens of the 21st century.