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Kindergarten Assessment

All students deserve a strong start to school—a start that sets them on the path for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Children entering kindergarten participate in the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment. Your child will participate in assessment activities that focus on early literacy and math skills, approaches to learning, social-emotional development, and self-regulation. The assessment is given in the first six weeks of school so that teachers start the school year with good information about what their students’ individual needs are.

Every child enters kindergarten at a slightly different stage in learning and development. Some children have mastered letters but have a hard time with numbers. Some are able to communicate ideas and needs clearly but have difficulty following directions. This is completely normal and expected. Throughout the kindergarten year, your teacher will work to support your child’s learning so that he or she enters first grade with the skills needed to succeed in school and life.

Students cannot fail the test and your child will not be kept out of kindergarten if he or she doesn’t perform a specific level. The assessment simply provides a snapshot of what your child knows upon entering kindergarten, and a clear path for helping meet their unique needs down the road.

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