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Student Testing Results & School Accountability

Oregon Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (OAKS) Results

Oregon’s state tests, the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (OAKS), are administered annually to students in grades 3–8 and 11 throughout districts in Oregon. The purpose of these tests is to assess district, school, and individual student progress toward meeting the Oregon Standards in English language arts (reading and writing), math and science. They are what is known as “statewide summative assessments” — standardized tests administered near the end of the school year to assess what students have learned from the instruction they have received.

These are low-stakes or no-stakes tests for students. The results provide a snapshot of how students’ learning is progressing and offer useful information for students, parents, schools, districts, and the state. Results do not have any effect on a student’s grades or advancement to the next grade level. High school students can meet graduation requirements in reading, writing and math through the state tests or through alternate means.

Beginning in spring 2015, Oregon’s old statewide assessments in math, reading and writing were replaced by new assessments in math and language arts that have been developed by the Smarter Balanced Consortium. The new tests, also called the Smarter Balanced assessments, are administered as a part of OAKS.

OAKS tests are completed on computers by students in the following grades:

  • English language arts (reading and writing) – grades 3–8, 11
  • Mathematics – grades 3–8, 11
  • Science – grades 5, 8 and high school

Each fall, the Oregon Department of Education releases district and schoolwide OAKS scores from the previous testing year. For detailed information regarding test results in Oregon schools and districts, go to the Oregon Department of Education.

For information about exemptions from state testing, the Oregon Department of Education has published a Frequently Asked Questions document.

For information about your individual student’s results, please contact your student’s school.

School and District Accountability

School accountability measures are in place to determine whether schools, districts, and states are making adequate progress toward the goal of having all students meet rigorous state academic standards. Each year, academic achievement in reading and math for all students are measured against annual performance targets. For academic achievement and participation rates, the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge & Skills (OAKS) language arts and math tests are used. Attendance rates, graduation rates, and other factors also are included.

Each fall, the Oregon Department of Education releases school and district report cards that rate overall school and district performance. These report cards changed in 2013. Oregon has developed a new accountability system, approved as part of the state’s federal NCLB/ESEA waiver, which looks at multiple measures of school performance, including academic achievement, academic growth, subgroup growth, attendance, and graduation and subgroup graduation rates.

School and District Report Cards