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Optional Learning Activities

Home Learning Enrichment Activities

4J educators have compiled educational activities that families can use to keep students engaged in learning at home while their school building is closed. The packets below, organized by grade level, provide families some free, optional, easy-to-implement activities to provide structure, help students stay engaged and prevent learning loss.

Families can partner with their children to complete these activities, which cover multiple subject areas and include consideration for students’ special needs and wellness. Resources for students receiving special education and English language learning supports are included.

Some activities include learning with technology, while others do not—similar to the student experience during a typical school day.

Online Resources

Printable Packets

Grades K–1 (español)
Grades 2–3 (español)
Grades 4–5 (español)

Grades 6–8 (español)

Grades 9–12 (español

Kindergarten (español)
Grade 1 (español)
Grade 2 (español)
Grades 3–5 (español

Grade 6 (español)
Grade 7 (español)
Grade 8 (español)

High School, Math=Algebra 1 (español)
High School, Math=Geometry (español)
High School, Math=Algebra 2 (español)