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What is my Absence Management Login ID?

Interacting with Frontline via the Phone:
Phone: 1-800-942-3767
Your ID and PIN for the phone are as follows:
ID Number   000XXXXXXX (3 Ø (zeros) plus your 6 digit employee number)
PIN Number XXXX (your 4 digit pin)

Interacting with Frontline via the Website:
Access Absence Management @: app.frontlineeducation.com

Username: Username (This is something that you will chose)

Password: (this would be an eight digit password you created, if you have forgotten your password you can click “Forgot Password“)

Email: (This is where they will send your password recovery information if you forget your password)

Mobile App Access
After you have created your Frontline ID, you can then download the Frontline Education Mobile App.  Upon opening the app, you will be prompted for a four-digit invitation code. Please email subdesk@4j.land.edu and request your 4 digit code.  You will enter your Frontline ID credentials to sign in.

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