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Eugene School District 4J is pleased to present a virtual screening of the film LIKE. LIKE breaks down why we find social media so irresistible, examines who is controlling whom, and gives viewers the tools to pivot to a more balanced and contented relationship. It features Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including the co-creator of the ‘LIKE’ button, experts in brain science, and teenagers.

Medical and science experts explain the behavioral changes that come from chemical effects on the brain. But the 49-minute-long LIKE does not leave you with a sense of fear and foreboding. 

The core of the documentary is built around the kids and teens interviewed, and the empathy that they build with their audience as they look honestly at their usage and dependence on these tiny devices, consider the good that can come from and be transmitted via social media and rethink the relationship to one where they are much more aware and in balance.  

 4J families also have the opportunity to watch the film online. Students are encouraged to watch and have conversations with their parents regarding the topics.

 LIKE is the third film in 4J’s four-film series presented this school year to help spur conversations about important social issues faced by today’s youth.

To watch the LIKE trailer and learn more, visit www.thelikemovie.com.

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Welcome! In 4J, equity is: 

  • Ensuring that each and every learner receives the necessary resources they need to individually succeed.
  • Reducing the predictability of who succeeds and who fails.
  • Creating change to support underserved and historically excluded students, including students with disabilities.
  • Cultivating the unique gifts and talents of every student.

Equity Goal

Eugene School District 4J is committed to eliminating gaps in opportunities and barriers to access which are highly predictable by a student’s race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic location.

We share the goal of improving outcomes for each and every student.

Programs & Resources 

Affinity Groups

4J’s affinity groups provide time and space for students of shared affinities from our school communities to come together in a safe shared environment.

Family Support Services

Find information about Family Support Services and the 4J Welcome Center.


Find information about the 4J Natives program.

Equity Lens (draft) 

In every decision we make, it is important for us to consider equity and the impact on all students and families, especially those in underserved demographic groups and protected classes, including students with disabilities.

Equity Extra

Check out our newsletter, the Equity Extra:

The Equity Extra: Equity, Inclusion and Instruction   

Inclusive Language-

These guidelines were compiled by the Eugene School District 4J Department of Equity, Inclusion & Instruction, in consultation with local community groups and stakeholders. 

Meet Our Team 

Misael Flores GutierrezMisael Flores
Gutierrez, Director

Director of Equity, Inclusion & Instruction

Larry WilliamsLarry Williams, Director

Director of Equity, Inclusion & Instruction

Meet the rest of our team

4J Office of Equity, Inclusion & Instruction staff contacts

Equidad, Inclusión e Instrucción

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¡Bienvenidos! En el 4J la equidad significa: 

  • Garantizar que cada uno de los alumnos reciban los recursos necesarios que necesiten para tener éxito individualmente.
  • Reducir la previsibilidad de quién tiene éxito y quién fracasa.
  • Crear cambios para apoyar a los estudiantes desatendidos e históricamente excluidos.
  • Cultivar los dones y talentos de cada estudiante.

Meta de equidad

El Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J se compromete a eliminar las brechas en las oportunidades y las barreras de acceso que son altamente predecibles por la raza, etnia, género, identidad de género, estado socioeconómico y ubicación geográfica del estudiante.

Compartimos el objetivo de mejorar los resultados de todos y cada uno de los estudiantes.

Programas y recursos 

Grupos de afinidad

Los grupos de afinidad proporcionan tiempo y espacio para que los estudiantes de afinidades compartidas de nuestras comunidades escolares se reúnan en un entorno en el que constituyen la mayoría.

Programa Integral

Encuentre información sobre el programa integral del Centro de Bienvenida de 4J

Recursos anti discriminación y anti odios raciales

Encuentre los recursos contra el odio y discriminación para maestros, administradores y padres

Lente de equidad

En cada decisión que tomamos, es importante que consideremos la equidad y el impacto en todos los estudiantes y familias, especialmente esos grupos demográficos desatendidos y las clases protegidas.

Conozca a nuestro equipo

Contactos del personal de Equidad, Inclusión e Instrucción del 4J

Misael Flores GutierrezMisael Flores

Director de equidad, inclusión e instrucción

Larry Williams

Larry Williams
Director de equidad, inclusión e instrucción