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Student Technology

All 4J students are provided with a laptop or tablet for learning this year

Eugene School District 4J wants to ensure all students have access to the technology necessary to succeed academically and stay connected to school while learning online. The district is issuing a laptop or tablet to every 4J student.

Learning Devices

Schools are distributing devices to each of their students for use during the school year. High school students are provided laptop computers. Middle school students and elementary school students in grades 3–5 are issued tablets with keyboards. Students in grades K–2 receive tablets with protective cases.

Students are expected to use a district-issued device even if they have another tablet or laptop at home. Using the district-issued devices will enable students to better access some required apps and programs, and the district’s technology team can fix problems on these devices more readily.

If your student is attending the Eugene Online Academy, please pick up a device at their regular school—the school they would be attending if not the Eugene Online Academy.

If you missed your scheduled pick-up time, please contact the school to make other arrangements.

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