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2016–17 Middle & High School Calendar

The 2016–17 calendar was revised in February 2017 to restore instructional time and balance the school year after schools were closed for several days due to hazardous weather.

First Trimester (57.5 days)
High School Registration Day — check with your school
Aug. 30 (Tu) Teachers Report for Duty
Sept. 5 (M) Labor Day
Sept. 6 (Tu) No School — Planning Day
Sept. 7 (W) High School Classes Begin for All Students
Middle School Orientation Day for 6th Graders and New 7th & 8th Graders
Sept. 8 (Th) Classes Begin for Returning 7th & 8th Graders
Oct. 13 (Th) Early Release — Mid-Trimester Progress Reports
Oct. 14 (F) No School — State In-Service Day
Nov. 11 (F) No School — Veterans Day
Nov. 24–25 (Th–F) No School — Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 2 (F) No School — Grading Day
Dec. 5 (M) No School — Professional Development/Planning Day
Second Trimester (58.5 days – previously was 57.5 days)
Dec. 6 (Tu) Second Trimester Begins
Dec. 19–Jan. 2 (M–F) No School — Winter Break 
Jan. 3 (Tu) No School — Professional Development
Jan. 16 (M) No School — Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
Feb. 3 (F) Early Release — Mid-Trimester Progress Reports
Feb. 20 (M) No School — Presidents Day
Mar. 16 (Th) School Day (previously was No School — Grading Day)
Mar. 17 (F) School Day – Hazardous Weather Makeup Day (previously was No School — Professional Development/Planning Day)
Mar. 20 (M) (previously was First Day of Third Trimester)
Mar. 27–31 (M–F) No School — Spring Break
Third Trimester (56.5 days – previously was 58.5 days)
Apr. 3 (M) No School — Grading Day (previously was regular school day) 
Apr. 4 (Tu) Third Trimester Begins
May 5 (F) Regular School Day (previously was Early Release — Mid-Trimester Progress Reports)
May 12 (F) Early Release — Mid-Trimester Progress Reports (previously was regular school day) 
May 29 (M) No School — Memorial Day 
June 16 (F) (previously was Possible Last Day for Students)
June 19–22 (M–Th) School Days — Hazardous Weather Makeup Days
June 22 (Th) Last Day for Students (Full Day) (if no additional weather makeup days are needed)
June 23 (F) No School — Grading Day


Calendar Revised: 4J schools were closed due to snow and ice for three days in December and three days in January. The school calendar was adjusted in February 2017 to restore several missed school days and balance the length of the trimesters.

Five Days Restored: Four days will be made up at the end of the school year in June. The fifth school day will be restored during the school year, on March 17 at middle and high schools. This day was previously scheduled to be a no-school day for teacher planning and professional development.

Other Changes: Certain grading and progress report days have been changed in the revised calendar. The third trimester begins after spring break. High school graduation ceremony dates have not changed.

Weather Days: Additional days missed due to hazardous weather may be made up.

School Variations: Individual school calendars may vary slightly. Please check your school’s calendar for additional early-release or no-school days, such as conference days.

Original instructional calendar approved by the Eugene School Board on Apr. 6, 2016. Revised calendar approved on Feb. 1, 2017.