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School Calendars

Calendar Change

The 2020–21 school calendar has been adjusted to address the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and wildfires. The first day of school is September 21.

All students will learn online through the end of the calendar year. On-site learning in a hybrid model may begin after winter break if public health allows.

2020–21 Calendar

The revised academic calendar for the 2020–21 school year was approved by the school board on September 10, 2020.

School Calendar Dates:   
• Elementary School
• Middle & High School

One-Page Printable Calendar
Calendario Escolar Imprimible

Online Calendar
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Employee Work Year Calendars
Contracted work days for each employee group and schedule


School Schedules

Standard School Schedules
4J schools changed to consistent schedules and calendars for all schools in 2018–19.


About 4J’s Academic Calendars

Approval Timeline: Eugene School District 4J’s academic calendars are approved by the school board and published each spring for the following school year.

School Year: The school year in 4J traditionally begins in early September, with the first day of classes on the Wednesday after Labor Day, and ends in mid-June. The first day is delayed from this traditional schedule in 2020.

Makeup Days: Please be aware that initial calendar dates may change, including when the school year ends. If any school days are missed for reasons such as hazardous weather (“snow days”), they may be made up during the school year or with days added at the end of the year in June.