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School Design & Construction Timeline

General process and timeline for major school construction 

The school bond measure approved by voters in November 2018 will fund improvements at every 4J school.

Every school will receive safety and security improvements, new curriculum materials and technology upgrades for a 21st century education. At every high school, the bond will enhance career technical education (vocational) opportunities and improve athletic facilities to be more equitable for girls and boys. Many schools will have additional facility improvements, depending on the age and condition of the building.

Major school construction projects 

Three aging school buildings will be replaced with high-quality facilities built for school safety, modern seismic standards, sustainability, and 21st century education: North Eugene High School, Edison Elementary School and Camas Ridge Elementary School.

Gilham Elementary School will see classroom additions and other improvements.

Key timeline dates

Pre-design work is underway in fall/winter 2018–19.  In spring/summer 2019, the district will select architect teams and begin the design process for the first projects. During the 2019–20 school year a temporary school site will be prepared at the Willard property (29th & Lincoln) to house first Edison Elementary School and then Camas Ridge Elementary School during construction of the new buildings at the existing school sites.

Some key milestones in the planned construction timeline are:

  • Summer 2020: Edison Elementary School moves to temporary school site Completed
  • Summer 2020: Corridor Elementary School moves to North Eugene building (info)
  • Summer 2020: Yujin Gakuen Elementary School moves to Kelly building Completed
  • Summer 2022: Camas Ridge Elementary School moves to temporary school site
  • Fall 2022: New Edison Elementary School building opens
  • Fall  2023: New North Eugene High School building opens
  • Fall 2024: New Camas Ridge Elementary School opens

Design and construction process

The three new schools funded by the 2018 bond measure will be designed following a process that engages community input at the beginning of the planning process, to establish standards that will be applied to all of the new schools. This will provide consistency and equity between buildings and cost-saving efficiency in the design process, while including opportunities for community feedback on school planning. 

School design will be guided by the district’s community-informed Long-Range Facilities Plan, User Experience Study, School Design Vision & Values, and Educational Specifications for School Design, which were developed incorporating extensive community engagement and input at the front end of planning and design for all the new schools. 

The design process for individual school buildings will be guided by these consistent standards. School community members will have opportunities to receive information updates and provide feedback during the site-specific school design process. 

The school board decided to apply this process, which is somewhat streamlined from earlier school design processes, to provide equity between schools and to reduce the cost of the proposed bond measure for community affordability.

The general process for design and construction includes the following.

Overview of school design and construction process

Overview of school design and construction communication and community engagement


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