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Program Move FAQ: Yujin Gakuen to Kelly

Following are some frequently asked questions about the temporary co-location of Yujin Gakuen Elementary School at the Kelly Middle School building. This FAQ will be updated over time as planning progresses. 

Overview & Timeline 

What is happening and why?

Local voters approved a bond measure in November 2018 to fund capital improvements at every 4J school and replace North Eugene High School, Edison Elementary School, and Camas Ridge Elementary School with high-quality facilities built for school safety, modern seismic standards, sustainability, and 21st century education.

Construction will begin soon on the new school building for North Eugene High School. This is a terrific investment in the North Eugene region but will require Yujin Gakuen and Corridor elementary schools to relocate from the Silver Lea building. The new high school will be built on the west end of the school property, where the Silver Lea building is located now.

During construction, the plan was to move Corridor to the current North Eugene High School building, and Yujin Gakuen will move to the Kelly Middle School building and connect K–8 with the middle school grades of the Yujin Gakuen Japanese immersion program already located at Kelly. However, facing significantly changed economic circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic and Corridor’s decreased enrollment, the school board decided to close the small alternative elementary school at the end of the 2019–20 school year.

When will building renovations be made to accommodate the Yujin Gakuen Elementary School relocation to Kelly?

The building renovation plan will be completed in winter 2019–20 and construction will begin in June 2020.

When will the move happen?

Yujin Gakuen will move out of the Silver Lea building in June 2020 and move into the Kelly building in late summer. Classroom moves within the Kelly building also will happen in summer 2020.

What is an overview of the timeline?

The elementary school programs will move to their new locations in summer 2020.

  • Spring 2018: Locations determined for relocating YG Completed
  • Spring 2018: Discussions with staff and parents about relocation Completed
  • Fall 2018: Bond measure approved by voters Completed
  • Winter–Spring 2019: Discussions with staff and parents about next steps Completed
  • Early Fall 2019: Discussions and input from staff and parents about locations within host buildings Completed
  • Fall 2019: Determination of locations within host buildings Completed
  • Early Winter 2019: School transition teams formed to plan and prepare for school moves Completed
  • 2019–20: Detailed planning and preparation for school moves Completed
  • <strong>Summer 2020: Renovations at Kelly and NEHS Completed
  • Summer 2020: Relocation of YG to new spaces Completed
  • Fall 2020: Demolition of Silver Lea building Completed
  • 2021–23: Construction of new North Eugene building In Progress
  • Fall 2023: New North Eugene High School opens
  • 2023–24: North Eugene building available for maintenance and renovations before housing school programs

Long-term: After the new high school is completed, the current North Eugene and Kelly buildings will be available for the long-term location of Kelly, Corridor, and Yujin Gakuen, to be determined.

Current building space available for Kelly, Yujin Gakuen and Corridor Future space available for Kelly, Yujin Gakuen, Corridor and other programs


Will YG have its own administrator?

Yes, there will be three school administrators in the building: The middle school principal and assistant principal, and the elementary school principal. Tom Piowaty will continue to be YG’s principal in the new school location next year.

Will YG staffing levels be maintained if there is a dip in enrollment?

Yujin Gakuen has a model of two classes per grade, with students spending half their day in the Japanese language and half in English. Grade-level blends are particularly challenging in language immersion programs. The district plans to retain program staff to maintain two classes per grade if enrollment declines during this transition period. As of fall 2019, school choice requests for YG have not decreased since this co-location plan was determined.

Will Kelly staffing levels be maintained if there is a dip in enrollment?

Kelly MS has recently ranged from 396 to 456 students in the past few years, leading to recent staffing additions based on enrollment, but many others of the school’s staff have long histories at Kelly. Kelly will be given special consideration in staffing levels to maintain stability if enrollment declines during this transition period. As of fall 2019, neighborhood enrollment and school choice requests for Kelly have not decreased since this co-location plan was determined.

Will teachers be given time to move?

Yes, YG teachers will be provided with 2 extra paid days to pack their classrooms at YG and 2 days to set up their classrooms at Kelly. Kelly teachers who are changing classrooms will be provided with 2 extra paid days to move within the building. Moving assistance will be provided.

Student Interactions 

Will elementary and middle school students arrive at school and/or leave school at the same time?

No, the school day will start and end at different times for elementary and middle school students. The elementary school starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. (1:45 on Fridays). Middle schools start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:35 p.m. (2:35 on Fridays). This schedule will remain the same next year when Yujin Gakuen and Kelly are co-located at the Kelly site.

Will elementary and middle school students arrive and leave through the same entrance?

No, responsive to parent and staff preference, there will be separate entrances for YG and Kelly students for dropoff at the start of the school day and pickup at the end of the school day. YG parents will drop off and pick up at the sheltered area on the southwest side of the building, accessed from North Park Ave. Kelly students will enter at the science breezeway on the northeast side of the building. For student safety, during the school day the doors near the school office will be the single point of entry to the school.

Will Kelly students still gather in the main entry foyer—the “Flight Deck”—at the start of the day?

Middle school students will enter at the science breezeway and will have “Flight Deck” access to spaces such as the library, inner gym and outer gym before the start of the school day, instead of the space near the main office as they use now. Middle school students will eat breakfast in the cafeteria after YG students are in class for the day.

Will elementary and middle school students be in the hallways at the same time?

No, school passing time schedules will be coordinated to avoid overlap between elementary and middle school students.

Will students traveling through the hallways be a disruption to students in class?

Groups of students move through the hallways while other students are in class at all elementary schools, as well as at all middle schools with multiple lunch periods. Kelly and YG will take a three-pronged approach to minimize disruptions:
1) Staggering program schedules so start and end times avoid disruptions
2) Assigning staff and providing student leadership opportunities to increase active hallway supervision
3) Continuing to reinforce positive behavior expectations—Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Will elementary and middle school students have lunch together?

No, the cafeteria will be used separately by elementary and middle school students. School schedules will be coordinated so elementary students eat breakfast and lunch at different times than middle school students.

What will the lunch schedule be?

The school transition teams will work to develop specific times for next year’s lunch and recess schedules. Currently YG has two lunch/recess periods (11:45–12:25 & 12:05–12:45) and Kelly has two lunch periods (12:14–12:44 & 1:11–1:41). The schedule will be devised to provide elementary students access to the cafeteria at different times from middle school students.

Will elementary and middle school students use gyms together?

No. The Kelly building has three gyms, unusual for a middle school. The two gyms in the east will be used by Kelly Middle School classes and the gym at the west side of the building will be used by Yujin Gakuen.

What connections and interactions might there be between elementary and middle school students?

While K–8 schools are a successful model here in Eugene and across the U.S., students co-located at the Kelly site will see little routine overlap in daily activities between YG elementary students and middle school students. Middle school students may travel through the elementary halls while elementary students are in class under some circumstances, such as walking to lunch on bad-weather days, or to band class in the late afternoon. The co-location offers opportunities for deliberative interactions such as student leadership, big/little classroom buddies, and K–8 Japanese immersion connections.


Building Spaces

Is there sufficient space for both Kelly and YG in the Kelly building? Will there be enough classrooms?

Yes, space planning shows there is enough room for the two school programs in the Kelly building. All of the identified spaces requested by each school have been accounted for in the space planning process. Current planning for the Kelly Middle School area of the building includes 21 classrooms, 1 special education classroom, library, 2 gyms, as well as additional smaller spaces. The Yujin Gakuen Elementary School area includes 12 classrooms, 1 special education classroom, library, gym, as well as additional smaller spaces. A music room will be used by the two schools at different times. Individual teachers’ classroom assignments within the available space are being considered by each school’s transition team now.

Draft layout of Kelly building Will modular classrooms be added? What would it cost?

Space planning in advance of the move indicated there was enough space for both schools in the existing building without adding modular classrooms (“portables”). As at any school, if it were determined that additional classrooms were needed, adding modular classrooms could be considered.

The estimated cost to add one 2-classroom modular at Kelly was over $1 million. Costs would include the purchase of the modular building itself, site preparations, plumbing, electrical and communication services, security and access control, building controls, ingress/egress considerations, technology, furniture, lighting, as well as additional parking, stormwater management and landscaping that would likely be included as a city requirement due to expanding the building space. If modular classrooms were added, the additional building space and increase in estimated capacity and trip counts could also trigger a city requirement for a Traffic Impact Analysis and Site Review process. The estimated timeline for this process would be 4–6 months.

In spring 2021, after considering the existing space and the addition of teacher staffing at the school site, which created a need for more space, the superintendent directed that the district begin the process to add modular classrooms to the school site, with the aim of having increased classroom space available when students returned to school in-person in fall 2021. A two-classroom portable will be moved from another school site in fall 2021. A second two-classroom portable is on order to be delivered later in the 2021–22 school year.

Will there be enough restrooms for students and staff on each side of the building?

Yes. There are enough restrooms in the existing building to support 1,100 students. (The 2019 enrollment of Kelly and YG together is 763.) Modifications and additions will be made as needed in appropriate locations to balance availability for both Kelly and YG students and staff.

The Kelly area of the building will include girls’ restrooms with a total of 15 stalls, boys’ restrooms with 13 stalls, and 4 staff or single-occupancy restrooms. This number of restrooms is appropriate to serve up to 700 students.  The Yujin Gakuen side will include girls’ restrooms with 7 stalls, boys’ restrooms with 7 stalls, and 4 single-occupancy restrooms. This number of restrooms is appropriate to serve up to 400 students.

If additional restrooms were needed, what would it cost?

There are many variables to estimating the cost of a restroom addition or modification, including whether the addition is a single-occupancy or multi-user restroom. The estimated cost of a restroom addition ranges from $50,000 to $200,000.

Restrooms in Kelly Middle School building


How will middle school students travel to the cafeteria and back? Will there be a walkway? Will it be covered?

Middle school students will be able to travel to and from the cafeteria via the existing outdoor walkway when weather conditions allow. When weather conditions are poor, students may travel to the cafeteria through the indoor hallways, with adult supervision. There are no plans to add a covered outdoor walkway, which would carry a high cost for a temporary moderate convenience.

What would it cost to add a covered walkway?

A covered walkway connecting the cafeteria to the double doors adjacent to the outer gym—covered but not enclosed, 12‘ wide and 270’ long—is estimated to cost $590,000. This work could not be completed by the start of school in fall 2020.

Will there be enough lockers for Kelly students?

Yes. There are 466 lockers available in the designated Kelly portion of the building. It is common practice in other 4J middle schools and high schools for some students to share lockers if necessary.

Will there be enough parking for both programs? Will any parking be added?

Existing parking is more than required for the total enrollment of Kelly, Yujin Gakuen and Head Start, but additional parking spaces will be added. The site currently includes 85 parking spaces across three separate lots. Current plans include restriping the west lot to increase available parking to 98 spaces.

Will there be space for specialists?

Yes. Space planning includes smaller spaces for small groups and other specialized uses. The school teams have identified spaces for all itinerant specialist staff.

Will there be a library for Yujin Gakuen? Will there be a library for Kelly?

Yes. Responsive to parent and staff feedback, YG and Kelly will have separate libraries. YG will use a room in the west side of the building for the English and Japanese language elementary school library collection. The Kelly library will remain where it is now, with the current middle school library collection remaining available in the current space. Middle school students will have increased access to the library at the beginning of the day.


How will parents be kept in the loop?

From spring 2018 to fall 2019, periodic communications and meetings were held with staff and parents at Corridor, Yujin Gakuen, Kelly and North Eugene to provide consistent updates and seek input on the initial planning for relocation. The school’s transition teams are now working on detailed operational and facilities planning for the upcoming move.

Timeline for program moves and communication as of January 2020

The YG and Kelly school administration and transition teams are providing updates to school staff in staff meetings and parents in school newsletters, emails and parent meetings at least monthly as planning progresses. Updates from each transition team meeting also are posted here: YG–Kelly Transition Team Updates

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