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Program Moves: Yujin Gakuen & Corridor

Yujin Gakuen and Corridor Project News (Click to expand)

Demolition Begins at North Eugene Site (11.20.20)
Kelly Renovations to Welcome Yujin Gakuen (08.24.20)
Goodbye, Silver Lea: Last Look at School Building (06.11.20)
Corridor Elementary School to Close in June (06.04.20)
Board Holds Virtual Community Forum on Corridor Elementary (05.26.20)
Planning for Program Moves (10.15.19)

Local voters approved a bond measure in November 2018 to fund capital improvements at every 4J school and replace North Eugene High School, Edison Elementary School, and Camas Ridge Elementary School with high-quality facilities built for school safety, modern seismic standards, sustainability, and 21st-century education.

Construction will begin soon on the new school building for North Eugene High School. The new high school will be built on the west end of the school property, where the former Silver Lea Elementary School building is located now. This is a terrific investment in the North Eugene region, but will require the removal of Silver Lea, which currently houses Corridor and Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School.

During construction, Yujin Gakuen will move to the Kelly Middle School building and connect K–8 with the middle school grades of the Yujin Gakuen Japanese immersion program already located at Kelly.

Corridor Elementary School had been planned to move to a wing of the existing North Eugene High School building. However, facing significantly changed economic circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic and Corridor’s decreased enrollment, the school board decided to close the small alternative elementary school at the end of the 2019–20 school year.

Building Location 

In fall 2019, after requesting and considering input from staff and parents at the four schools, the determination was made regarding where each elementary school will be located within the host school building. In each case the elementary classrooms will be grouped in one area of the school building with a separate drop-off/pickup location or entrance, appropriately sized restroom facilities, and a new playground.

Yujin Gakuen will be located in the west side and Kelly classrooms will be located contiguously in the east side of the Kelly Middle School building. Some current classrooms will be divided and other spaces will be renovated to provide suitable space for both programs. There will be a separate dropoff/pickup location at the southwest end of the school (during the school day, outside of dropoff/pickup times, the main entrance will remain the single point of entry to the school). A new playground will be installed in the fenced area behind the school building.


The elementary school programs will move to their new locations in summer 2020.

  • Spring 2018: Locations determined for relocating YG and Corridor Completed
  • Fall 2018: Bond measure approved by voters Completed
  • Winter–Spring 2019: Discussions with staff and parents about next steps Completed
  • Fall 2019: Determination of locations within host buildings Completed
  • 2019–20: Planning and preparation for school moves Completed
  • Summer 2020: Renovations at Kelly and NEHS Completed
  • Summer 2020: Relocation of YG & Corridor to new spaces Completed
  • Fall 2020: Demolition of Silver Lea building  Completed
  • 2020–21: Start of site prep for new North Eugene building In Progress
  • Fall 2023: New North Eugene building opens

Long-term: After the new high school is completed, the current North Eugene and Kelly buildings will be available for the long-term location of programs, to be determined.

Current building space available for Kelly, Yujin Gakuen and Corridor Future space available for Kelly, Yujin Gakuen, Corridor and other programs


Periodic meetings and other communications with staff and parents at Corridor, Yujin Gakuen, Kelly and North Eugene were held from spring 2018 to fall 2019 to provide consistent information updates and seek input on the initial planning for these programs’ relocation.

During the school year leading up to the move, the schools’ transition teams are engaging in detailed operational and facilities planning and will provide updates to school staff and parents at least monthly as planning progresses.
School Board Update Dec. 18, 2019 (listen)
School Board Update Dec. 4, 2019 on Program Moves (listen)
School Board Update Oct. 2, 2019 on Program Moves & School Construction (listen—1:53)
School Board Update Dec. 4, 2019 on Program Moves (listen)
School Board Update Dec. 18, 2019 on YG–Kelly Move (listen)

Frequently Asked Questions
Transition Team Updates
Staff & Parent Input on Building Configuration


About the School Bond Measure

In November 2018, voters in Eugene School District 4J resoundingly passed a $319.3 million school bond measure to replace three aging school buildings, provide for program moves, and fund improvements at every 4J school, including new student technology, updated instructional materials, accessibility and equitability enhancements, security upgrades, and building repairs.

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