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Program Moves: Willard Swing School

A map that shows the off-limits to the public area of the Willard property while construction is ongoing.THE LATEST

The Willard school site at 29th & Lincoln is under construction. Fencing has been raised around the property to secure the site, which is now closed to the public during the process. Click the image to view the area.


Willard Swing School Project News (Click to expand)

Willard Swing School Taking Shape (04.24.20)
Construction at Willard Site Begins Soon (10.21.19)


Several school programs are relocating to make way for bond construction and for other reasons. These include Edison Elementary School and Camas Ridge Elementary School in the South Eugene region.

Local voters approved a bond measure in November 2018 to fund capital improvements at every 4J school and replace Edison Elementary School, Camas Ridge Elementary School, and North Eugene High School with high-quality facilities built for school safety, modern seismic standards, sustainability, and 21st century education.

The Edison school property is very small, 2.6 acres, so the new building cannot be constructed with the school continuing to operate in the old building. Camas Ridge also cannot continue to operate in its old school building if the new school is to be built in the preferred location on the site. No other school building in the area has capacity to temporarily house the school programs, so a temporary school site is necessary.

Swing School: A temporary school site (“swing school”) will be prepared at the Willard property (29th & Lincoln) to house first Edison Elementary School and then Camas Ridge Elementary School during construction of the new buildings at the existing school sites.

During the 2019–20 year, the existing Willard gym will be renovated, portions of the old facility will be removed, and swing school classrooms will be constructed with a combination of pre-fabricated building space and some modular buildings that can later be relocated for use at other district sites.

Timeline: The following changes are coming at Willard to prepare it to serve as a temporary “swing school” location:

  • Fall 2019: Removal of old Willard classroom wings Completed
  • Winter 2019: Site prep & renovation of Willard gym Completed
  • Spring 2020: Construction of new classroom spaces Completed
  • Summer 2020: Installation of new playground Completed

In summer 2020, Edison Elementary School will move to the Willard site to make way for removal of the old Edison building and construction of the new school. After the new Edison opens in 2022, the swing school will be used to house Camas Ridge Elementary School during construction of that new school facility.

  • 2020–2022: Edison Elementary School at Willard In Progress
  • Fall 2022: New Edison building opens
  • 2022–2024: Camas Ridge Elementary School at Willard
  • Fall 2024: New Camas Ridge building opens

Update Oct. 2, 2019 on Program Moves & School Construction

Update Nov. 5, 2019 on Willard Swing School Site & Floor Plan

Image of Willard swing school floor plan

Image of Willard modular floor plan  Image of Willard modular floor planImage of Willard modular floor plan

About the School Bond Measure

In November 2018, voters in Eugene School District 4J resoundingly passed a $319.3 million school bond measure to replace three aging school buildings, provide for program moves, and fund improvements at every 4J school, including new student technology, updated instructional materials, accessibility and equitability enhancements, security upgrades, and building repairs.

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