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Program Move FAQ: Edison to Willard Site

Following are some frequently asked questions about the temporary relocation of Edison Elementary School during construction of the new Edison building. This FAQ will be updated over time. 

Overview & Timeline 

What is happening and why?

Local voters approved a bond measure in November 2018 to fund capital improvements at every 4J school and replace North Eugene High School, Edison Elementary School, and Camas Ridge Elementary School with high-quality facilities built for school safety, modern seismic standards, sustainability, and 21st century education.

Construction will begin soon on the new school building for Edison Elementary. The new elementary school will be built on the same small school property as the old building, requiring Edison to relocate from its current building to a temporary site during construction. Nearby Camas Ridge Elementary School will face a similar relocation in the following years. No other school building in the area has capacity to temporarily house the school programs.

During construction, Edison will move to a temporary school site prepared at the Willard property at 29th & Lincoln. It will house first Edison Elementary School and then Camas Ridge Elementary School during construction of the new buildings at the existing school sites, and will then be used for other school district needs.

When will the Willard site construction be completed?

Construction will include the addition of a prefabricated building and modular classrooms to provide classroom space, gym renovations, and playground installation. This work will be completed in summer 2020.

When will the move happen?

Edison Elementary will move from its current building to the Willard swing school site in summer 2020.

How long will Edison Elementary be located at the Willard swing school site?

Edison Elementary will be located at the Willard site in the 2020–21 and 2021–22 school years. In fall 2022 the new Edison building will open and be ready for students.

What is an overview of the timeline?

Edison Elementary School will move to its temporary location at the Willard site in summer 2020.

  • Fall 2019: Removal of old Willard classroom wings Completed
  • Winter 2019–20: Site preparations Completed
  • Spring–Summer 2020: Installation of new classroom spaces and renovation of Willard gym In Progress
  • Summer 2020: Installation of new playground Completed
  • 2020–21 and 2021–22: Edison Elementary School is temporarily located at the Willard site
  • Fall 2022: New Edison building opens


What time will school begin?

4J elementary schools operate on one of two schedules: Tier 1, 7:55 a.m.–2:25 p.m. (1:10 on Fridays), and Tier 2, 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. (1:45 on Fridays).

Edison Elementary School currently operates on the later Tier 2 schedule. The school may change to the earlier Tier 1 schedule, starting at 7:55 a.m., to enable transportation routes. This will be determined in spring 2020.

What will the school building be like at the Willard swing school site?

The Willard site will include a prefabricated classroom building with ten classrooms, office spaces, library, kitchen and cafeteria, additional classrooms in three modular buildings, renovated gymnasium, and playground space. Visitor signage and cameras will be included.

What are the plans for the playground or play areas at the Willard site?

Playground equipment for the new Willard site will be similar to equipment at other similarly sized schools. The old playground at Edison cannot be moved to the Willard site. The playground and adjacent play areas at Willard will be fenced. The adjacent gymnasium will provide the option for covered play.

Will current programs attached to Edison continue at the new location?

There will be afterschool programs provided by community partners, coordinated by the school administration.


Will transportation be provided for students?

For students within walking distance of the permanent school site, the district will provide school bus transportation between Willard and a single collection point near Edison. Buses will pick up students in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon at the collection point near the Edison site. Parents will need to have their children at the bus stop by about 35 minutes before the school start time (7:20 a.m. if Edison begins at 7:55 a.m.).

For students who live outside of the walk area of the permanent school site (about one-third of students), the district will continue to provide existing neighborhood bus routes. No new bus routes will be created.


Will teachers have time to move?

Yes, Edison teachers will be provided with 2 extra paid days to pack their classrooms at the old Edison building in June 2020 and 2 days to set up their classrooms at the Willard site in late summer. Moving assistance will be provided.


How can parents keep informed?

The school will provide periodic updates to school staff and parents as preparations progress.

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