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New School Building: Camas Ridge Elementary School

Camas Ridge Project News (Click to expand)

Planning a New Camas Ridge: Give Feedback on Preliminary Site Plan (03.02.21)
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Local voters approved a bond measure in November 2018 to fund capital improvements at every 4J school and replace Camas Ridge Elementary School, Edison Elementary School, and North Eugene High School. The new school buildings will be high-quality facilities built for safety and security, efficiency and sustainability, modern seismic standards, and 21st century education. The current Camas Ridge Elementary School building was built in 1949 and is in poor condition.

Design Process

Planning is underway and design work is beginning for the new Camas Ridge Elementary School. In a first step, community members were invited to review the preliminary site plan and provide feedback online.

Families, neighbors and community members turned out virtually on March 2 for a presentation by Pivot Architecture, the project’s architects. The virtual community meeting was held by the architects and district to introduce the design team, review the completed community work, and examine the proposed location of the school building, parking lot and playfields. The design team reviewed the proposed location of site elements, general building shape and project schedule, and invited feedback.

Community members were invited to review the presentation and share their thoughts with an online survey.

Camas Ridge Preliminary Design Process Presentation
Presentation Slides
Recorded Video

Camas Ridge Preliminary Site Plan Feedback
www.surveymonkey.com/r/CamasSitePlan (Survey Closed)

Site work and construction will begin in 2022 and the new building will open in 2024. The new Camas Ridge Elementary School will be a high-quality learning environment for students now and for generations to come.

When & Where 

The new building for Camas Ridge will be constructed at its current site. It will be built after Edison Elementary School is completed, with site work beginning in 2022 and the new school opening in 2024.

Camas Ridge cannot continue to operate in its old school building if the new school is to be built in the preferred location on the property, which is smaller than a typical elementary school site and has significant elevation change. The new Edison also cannot be constructed with the school continuing to operate in the old building, as the school property is very small, just 2.6 acres. No other school building in the area has capacity to temporarily house the school programs, so a temporary school site is necessary.

During the 2019–20 school year a temporary school site was prepared at the Willard property (29th & Lincoln) to house first Edison Elementary School from 2020 to 2022 and then Camas Ridge Elementary School from 2022 to 2024, during construction of the new buildings at the existing school sites.

Willard Swing School

Timeline Overview

  • Spring 2018: Bond package plan includes new buildings for Camas Ridge and Edison Completed
  • Fall 2018: Bond measure approved by voters Completed
  • Spring 2019: Discussions with staff and parents about next steps Completed
  • Late Spring 2019: Determination of timeline and location for new Camas Ridge and Edison Completed
  • 2019–20: Planning and preparation for school moves Completed
  • 2019–20: Swing school construction at Willard Completed
  • 2020–2022: Edison Elementary School at Willard In Progress
  • Summer 2022: Camas Ridge moves to temporary school site at Willard
  • 2022–2024: Camas Ridge Elementary School at Willard
  • Fall 2024: New Camas Ridge Elementary School building opens

How, Where & When: Community Conversation / Options Narrowed / School Rebuilding Plan


About the Project 

• Timeline: Construction begins 2022, new school opens 2024
• Architect team: Pivot Architecture
• General contractor: TBD
• Capacity: ~450 students
• Existing building history: Constructed in 1949


About the School Bond Measure

In November 2018, voters in Eugene School District 4J resoundingly passed a $319.3 million school bond measure to fund improvements at every 4J school, and replace three aging school buildings with high-quality facilities built for school safety, sustainability, modern seismic standards, and 21st century education. The improvements include new student technology, updated instructional materials, accessibility and equitability enhancements, security upgrades, and building repairs.

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