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2018 School Bond Measure


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Bond measure approved: Thank you voters!

Voters in Eugene School District 4J have resoundingly passed Measure 20-297, the school bond measure to fund improvements at every 4J school and for every 4J student.

Bond funds will be used to repair schools, improve security, update technology and learning materials, support career technical education, address overcrowding and replace three aging school buildings. Every school will benefit.

The $319.3 million in voter-approved bond funds will be supplemented by an $8 million matching grant awarded to the district by the Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program.

Early steps have included:

  • Issuing the first sale of $150 million in authorized general obligation bonds (learn more
  • Surveying users of school buildings constructed in recent years to assess facility experience (learn more)
  • Holding information sessions at each school that will be rebuilt (learn more)
  • Conducting community workshops to develop design guidance for 4J’s new schools (learn more)
  • Updating the district’s educational specifications and standards for school buildings
  • Selecting architects and beginning design processes for Edison and North Eugene (learn more)
  • Erecting a new school building for the ECCO alternative high school program (learn more)
  • Finishing schematic designs for Edison and North Eugene

Thanks to voters and community members for supporting our public schools.


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