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Administrative Rules

These Administrative Rules implement board policies and federal, state or local laws or rules or represent an organizational directive from the Superintendent. The purpose of the rules is to provide clear guidance to district staff, students and public in the interest of more effectively serving students and their families.

The rules are in effect as of the date of publication on the district’s web site and supersede any previous manual, representation, or description about District rules and expectations. Amendments require approval of the Superintendent.

These rules are organized by Eugene School Board Policy categories, as follows:

  • A/B – Board Governance
  • C – Administration
  • D – Fiscal Management
  • E – Support Services
  • F – Facilities
  • G – Personnel
  • H – Negotiations
  • I – Instruction
  • J – Students
  • K/L – Community Relations

The interpretation, scope and applicability of these rules are within the District’s exclusive discretion. Some of the provisions are lay summaries of statutes and regulations. Where necessary to apply or interpret these rules, the District interpretation will be determined by reference to the underlying statute, regulation, or legal document.

Please note: The District recognizes its obligation under law to negotiate in good faith with labor organizations representing some District employees. If information in this manual conflicts with any District bargaining agreement, the bargaining contract takes precedence.