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School Meal Accounts & Payments


Ways to pay

• Pay by cash or check at your school or 4J Nutrition Service Office—no convenience fee

• Pay online at Mealtime Online—convenience fee charged by software provider

• Free or reduced-price school meals—do you qualify? Find out here

Our cafeterias use a program called Mealtime Online, which you can use to check your student’s account, pay for meals, and more.

Online payment is an option offered for your convenience. If you choose to pay online, a convenience fee will be passed along to you from the credit card company. You may choose instead to drop off a check and pay for your student’s meals at the school. When you pay at the school by cash or check there is no convenience fee associated with payment.

Managing Student Meal Accounts

Providing students with access to nutritional meals helps them stay focused during the school day. In support of student learning, food service staff make available to all students breakfast and lunch meals in compliance with USDA nutritional guidelines. To maintain the integrity of the Nutrition Services fund and to offset the cost of meals, the district asks all families to pay for meals or complete an application establishing eligibility for free or reduced-price meals.

A student will never be denied food; all students will be provided a meal regardless of account balance. The exception is for a la carte items, which must be paid for at the time of service.

Additionally, student meal account policies and procedures attempt to minimize identification of students with insufficient funds to pay for school meals. Students may ask for their balance at any time, however Nutrition Services staff will not provide a verbal reminder to students at the time of service when their meal account balance is getting low. If a meal account balance is negative, Nutrition Services staff use the auto-dialer system and mail reminders to notify families and provide guidance for paying the balance. Parents may check the status of their student’s meal account online anytime, or contact the district office for Nutrition Services.

For more information about 4J’s student meal account management, click here or call Nutrition Services at 541-790-7653.