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Education Champions Named in 2022 ACE Awards

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234 district staff and volunteers honored in awards program

4J staff and volunteers were honored for excellence in education at the 2022 ACE (A Champion in Education) Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 10.

All 234 nominees were recognized and four outstanding educators were named as champions in their category. Each champion will receive a $250 grant for their school from the Eugene Education Foundation. In an unprecedented and unique circumstance, two exceptional longtime 4J team members were honored with a joint special lifetime achievement award.

4J’s 2022 ACE Award champions are Yvette Landrum, Dulce Guillen, Mike Yocum, Bruce Steinmetz. Patti Gehlhaar and Linda Willis were honored with a one-time-only joint lifetime achievement award. Each will receive a $250 grant for a 4J school or program of their choosing from the Eugene Education Foundation.

Congratulations to all of our staff who were nominated and celebrated in the 2022 ACE Awards.

ACE Awards Ceremony Video Recording
ACE Awards Ceremony Program

Teachers & Licensed Specialists

CHAMPION: Yvette Landrum, Special Education Teacher, Gilham Elementary School

Yvette Landrum joined 4J in 2006 as a special education teacher at Gilham Elementary School. To the immense appreciation of Gilham staff, she has been there ever since!

Yvette is commended for being a veteran teacher who cares deeply for her students. She is “relentless in individualizing interventions, connecting with parents and staff, and building positive relationships with families and students.”

A bit of what Yvette’s many nominators wrote:

  • “Yvette is an exceptionally experienced teacher who absolutely knocks it out of the park with her expertise working with students as well as being a superior team player with staff.”
  • “We are so fortunate to have Yvette in our Gilham family with her amazing talents and unbelievable ambitiousness to foster behind-the-scenes teaching techniques where her students soar with confidence.”
  • “We marvel at her quiet disposition, positive enthusiasm and the relationships she builds with her students where they will move mountains to attain the goals she sets for them.”
  • “Yvette cares immensely about the entire school community at Gilham, and it shows. She is a teacher in the learning center, but also supports general education teachers in finding programs that can help them differentiate instruction for students.”
  • “She dedicates many hours, in and out of the classroom, to make sure students are served to the fullest extent, educationally, mentally and emotionally.”
  • Her students added their voices to her nomination. Ms. Landrum, they say, is “kind, loving and sweet,”and “always helps us and gives us snacks.” They say she is “sometimes tough and sometimes funny,” and that “she likes to challenge us and make us think.”

Yvette’s bowling name rings true: She IS a “Warrior Queen.” Congratulations!


Mary Adams, Math Teacher, Arts & Technology Academy • Amy Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Jessica Anderson, First Grade Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Lee Baker, Counselor, Roosevelt Middle School • Meredith Baker, Fourth Grade Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School • Angela Barley, French Teacher, Sheldon High School • Leah Barrera, First Grade Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School • Misty Bisby, Language Arts Teacher, Madison Middle Schoo• Christopher Boone, Music Teacher, Cal Young Middle School • Julie Bounds, Band Director, Sheldon High School • Alison Bumstead, Second Grade Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Hector Cash, Social Studies Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Sebastian Catlin, Student Achievement Specialist, South Eugene High School • Lexy Chipman, First Grade Teacher, K–5 Connect • Elisabeth Cobb, First Grade Teacher, Holt Elementary School • Keri Cockram, Math Teacher, Cal Young Middle School • Meredith Coelho, Language Arts Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School • Adrienne Colaizzi, Second Grade Teacher, Eugene Online Academy • Imelda Cortez, Spanish Language Arts Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Courtney Dearinger, Language Arts Teacher, Eugene International High School at Churchill • Kim DeLeon, Special Education Teacher, McCornack Elementary School • Chris Dobson, Music Teacher, South Eugene High School • Brynne Eidlin, Fourth Grade Teacher, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Taylor Eldridge, Life Skills Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Dani Emrick, Counselor, Howard Elementary School • Simon Estifanos, Health & PE Teacher, North Eugene High School • Tim Everett, Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Leah Fann, Art Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Eric Freeman, Third Grade Teacher, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Allison Frost, Second Grade Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary School • Dante Fumagalli, Special Education Teacher, Spencer Butte Middle School • Kellyclare Gardner, Teacher on Special Assignment, Instructional Services Department • Katie Gates, Special Education Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Kristen Gianforti, Student Success Coordinator, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Benjamin Godfrey, Math Teacher, South Eugene High School • Laura Goudy, Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, Cal Young Middle School • Erica Goulding, Special Education Teacher, Edgewood Elementary School •  Rebecca Gourgey, Special Education Teacher, South Eugene High School • Jenny Groshong, Fourth Grade Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Dave Hancock, Athletic Director, South Eugene High School • Katie Hansen, Special Education Teacher, Transition Education Network (TEN) at Sheldon High School • Laura Harris, Fourth Grade Teacher, Edison Elementary School • Chad Heidtke, Science Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School • Kelsey Hicks, Special Education Teacher, Holt Elementary School • Christina Hinton, Math & AVID Teacher, Madison Middle School • Christie Hoogendoorn, First Grade Teacher, K–5 Connect • Kyle Hook, Math Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Cate Huang, Kindergarten Teacher, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Krissy Hulse, Fourth Grade Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary School • Lisa Iacovetta, Social Studies/AVID Teacher, Churchill High School • Melissa Ivan, Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, Monroe Middle School • Kathryn Johnson, Special Education Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Stephen Johnson, Music Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School • Tessa Karbum, Science Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Heather Kliever, Language Arts Teacher, Madison Middle School • Allison Kreider, Third Grade Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Sarah Lacey, Title I Coordinator, Edison Elementary School • Linda Lamb, Special Education Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Jill Lancaster, Occupational Therapist, Student Services Department • Yvette Landrum, Special Education Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Michael Leahy, Counselor, South Eugene High School • Richard Leebrick, Language Arts Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School •  Ricardo Llamas, Third Grade Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School • Sylvie Lovendahl, Spanish Teacher, Monroe Middle School •  Kelsy Loyd, Music Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary School • Alison Machado, Science Teacher, Madison Middle School • Barb MacWilliam, Science Teacher, Cal Young Middle School • Shirley Madathil Lathrop, Counselor, South Eugene High School • Naoko Manabe, Second Grade Teacher, Yujin Gakuen Elementary School • Maddy Marvin, Health Teacher, Madison Middle School • Maricarmen McFadden, First Grade Teacher, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School • Lallie McKenzie, Engineering Technology CTE Teacher, South Eugene High School • Brad McLean, Special Education Teacher, Sheldon High School • Brady Metzger, Science Teacher, Kennedy Middle School • Jason Miller, Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Kelsey Moore, Fourth Grade Teacher, Willagillespie Elementary School • Courtney Morris, Third Grade Teacher, Edgewood Elementary School • Stacey Morris, Spanish & AVID Teacher, Churchill High School • Megan Murphy, Fourth Grade Teacher, Adams Elementary School • Jesus Narvaez Santiago, Social Studies Teacher, North Eugene High School • Maria Navarrete-Gonzalez, Math Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Gene Newbold, Art Teacher, Monroe Middle School • Margarita O’Brien, First Grade Teacher, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School • Whitney Oliver, Special Education Teacher, Chávez Elementary School • Karen Olsen, Fifth Grade Teacher, McCornack Elementary School • Amy Page, District Librarian, Instructional Services Department • Dave Pete, Physical Education Teacher, Kelly Middle School • Erin Prescott, Second Grade Teacher, Edgewood Elementary School • Venus Reeve, Special Education Teacher, Awbrey Park Elementary School •  Ashley Reich, Fourth Grade Teacher, Holt Elementary School • Joe Renaud, Special Education Teacher, Sheldon High School • Sara Roadman, First Grade Teacher, Charlemagne Elementary School • Suzy Rock, Fifth Grade Teacher, K–5 Connect • Gloria Rojas de Russell, Fifth Grade Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School • Sarah Ruggiero Kirby, Teacher on Special Assignment, Instructional Services Department • Natalie Rush, French Teacher, South Eugene High School • Haruka Sakurai, Japanese Teacher, South Eugene High School • Amy Samson, Fourth Grade Teacher, Eugene Online Academy • Deon Saraceno, Social Studies & Health Teacher, International High School at Churchill • Scott Schirmer, Math Teacher, Churchill High School • Takako Schneider, Kindergarten Teacher, Yujin Gakuen Elementary School • Zak Scotton, Special Education Teacher, Churchill High School • Mike Seager, Special Education Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School • Virginia Seefeld, Math Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School • Jennifer Shadwick, Second Grade Teacher, Spring Creek Elementary • Reid Shepard, Staff Development Specialist, Student Services Department • Jen Sinclair, Title I Coordinator, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Magdalena Sloniger, Kindergarten Teacher, Buena Vista Elementary School • Clair Smith, Counselor, Sheldon High School • James Squires, Third Grade Teacher, Gilham Elementary School • Mike Stead, Industrial Arts Teacher, Madison Middle School • Tyler Stubbert, Social Studies Teacher, Madison Middle School • Kim Sullivan, Special Education Teacher, Howard Elementary School • Suzi Swinehart, First Grade Teacher, Willagillespie Elementary School • Desiree Talley, Third Grade Teacher, Holt Elementary School • Aaron Thomas, Language Arts Teacher, North Eugene High School • Della Thomas, 504 Coordinator, Student Services Department • Anne Tomlanovich, Counselor, Madison Middle School • Tamara Torrence, Math Teacher, South Eugene High School • Matthew Trent, Math Teacher, Monroe Middle School • Stephanie Vineyard, First Grade Teacher, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Jasmine Ward, First Grade Teacher, Howard Elementary School • David White, Spanish Immersion Teacher, Monroe Middle School • Timothy Wilcox, Band & Theater Teacher, Madison Middle School • Jennifer Williams, Life Skills Teacher, Churchill High School • Bobbie Willis, Journalism Teacher, South Eugene High School • Dave Wines, Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher, Edgewood Elementary School • Brandeis Zaklan, Counselor, Gilham Elementary School • Lisa Zluticky, Second Grade Teacher, Holt Elementary School

Classified Staff

CHAMPION: Dulce Guillen, Cultural Navigator, Equity, Inclusion and Instruction Department

Dulce Guillen joined Team Eugene in 2017 as the registrar at Arts & Technology Academy and last year—in the height of the pandemic—moved to work with the 4J wraparound team. As a cultural navigator, she provides marginalized and underserved families equal access to resources, advocacy, mentoring, and learning opportunities, while maintaining cultural awareness, respect and dignity.

Dulce’s focus is on student success with a special attention to students who might have their needs go unmet, as they experience barriers navigating the school system. She participates as a cultural broker and family advocate on numerous teams, including IEP and 504 teams, school support teams and family meetings.

She is said to “gently but fiercely advocate for students.”

Her nominators identified her as “the person who gets students to school, makes sure school feels safe and supportive to them, and helps the schools be responsive to students’ needs.”

In example after example, Dulce is credited with establishing trusting connections with families when a student is in distress, working with the family and school teams to find support services for the student, and helping them get back on track and re-engaged in school.

Her depth of knowledge combined with her communications skills and willingness to roll up her sleeves to find solutions and remove barriers is a positive force in our schools and community.

Dulce is truly a champion for 4J students and staff. We are lucky to have her on Team Eugene!


Kelly Ayres, Registrar, Roosevelt Middle School • Melissa Baker, Behavioral Support Assistant, McCornack Elementary School • Joanne Block, Educational Assistant, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Racheal Bryant, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Howard Elementary School • Michelle Buffoni, Special Ed Educational Assistant, K–5 Connect • Katie Burns, School Secretary, Fox Hollow Campus • Sonja Casarez, Human Resources Specialist II, Human Resources Department • Rosa Castro, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Student Services Department • Gina Catlin, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Spencer Butte Middle School • Ryan Conaghan, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Fox Hollow Campus • Ron Daniels, Bus Driver, Transportation Department • Nancy Ehlers, Attendance Clerk, Monroe Middle School • Maria Eichner, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Howard Elementary School • Theresa Elmore, Attendance Clerk, Roosevelt Middle School • Valerie Falleur, School Secretary, ECCO / Eugene Education Options • Deanna Finn, Data & Research Analyst, Student Services Department • Carrie Frazier, Educational Assistant, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Laura Fuhriman, Educational Assistant, Roosevelt Middle School • Aidan Fulton, Behavioral Support Specialist, Roosevelt Middle School • Patricia Gehlhaar, School Secretary, Gilham Elementary School • Perla Grado, School Secretary, Buena Vista Elementary School • Elizabeth Griego, Bilingual/Bicultural Office Support, Howard Elementary School • Greg Groberg, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Churchill High School • Tory Guenther, Educational Assistant, Sheldon High School • Dulce Guillen, Cultural Navigator, Equity, Inclusion & Instruction Department • Ruth Guzman Sanchez, Behavioral Support Assistant, Buena Vista Elementary School • Jason Harter, Building Behavior Support Assistant, Arts & Technology Academy • Lori Henry, School Secretary, Howard Elementary School • Bert Herbert, Custodial/Maintenance Coordinator I, Edgewood Elementary School • Susan Holmgren, Behavioral Support Assistant, Gilham Elementary School • Rie Ishida, Bilingual Educational Assistant, Kelly Middle School • Karen Kingzett, School Secretary, Roosevelt Middle School • Alexis Krivchuk, School Secretary, Cal Young Middle School • Sandy Krupicka, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Camas Ridge Elementary School • César López, Bilingual Educational Assistant, Arts & Technology Academy • Jennifer MacPherson, School Secretary, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Katherine McGraw, Educational Assistant, Edgewood Elementary School • Jason Moch, Custodial/Maintenance Coordinator II, Monroe Middle School • Don Morasci, Custodian, Awbrey Park Elementary School • Jana Ouimet, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Gilham Elementary School • Kelsey Pedersen, Behavioral Support Assistant, Camas Ridge Elementary School • Kelly Quiroz, Read Right Educational Assistant, Churchill High School • Terrie Randall, Bus Driver, Transportation Department • Natalie Reed, Title I Educational Assistant, Chávez Elementary School • Julia Rice, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Charlemagne Elementary School • Karra Russell, Special Ed & ELD Educational Assistant, Buena Vista Elementary School • Kellie Salinas, Bilingual Educational Assistant, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School • Jason Schanze, Educational Assistant, Chávez Elementary School • Shawna Scroggins, Administrative Assistant, Student Services Department • Gery Selland, Substitute Custodian, Custodial Services • Debra Short, Library IMC Assistant, Cal Young Middle School • Eugenia Sileoni, District Translation Specialist, Superintendent’s Office • Jackie Solares, Bilingual Educational Assistant, Buena Vista Elementary School • Cheryl Stuebing, Office Assistant, Edgewood Elementary School • Katherine Tagwerker, Food Service Coordinator II, Spring Creek Elementary School • Campbell Trangmar, Custodian, South Eugene High School • Alicia Uteg, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Adams Elementary School • Marilyn Van Buren, Bus Aide, Transportation Department • Jenny Van Sickle, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Spring Creek Elementary School • Thomas Weaver, Food Service Coordinator II, Buena Vista Elementary School • Joannie Weyant, Food Service Coordinator II, Willagillespie Elementary School • Linda Willis, School Secretary, Gilham Elementary School • Rose Winand, Technology Support Specialist III, Technology Department • Pamela Windham, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Kelly Middle School • Justin Wisner, Special Ed Educational Assistant, Howard Elementary School • Jaimelyn Womack, Behavioral Support Assistant, Cal Young Middle School • Nora Young, Educational Assistant, Chávez Elementary School • Andy Zuniga, Custodial/Maintenance Coordinator I, Buena Vista Elementary School

Administrators, Supervisors, Managers & Professionals

CHAMPION: Mike Yocum, Assistant Principal, Roosevelt Middle School

Mike Yocum has worked across the globe in education for two decades with a focus on special education. Early in his career he worked in 4J middle schools as a special education teacher and educational assistant. He came back to 4J nearly a decade ago to serve as assistant principal at Roosevelt Middle School, and has been doing solid work there ever since.

Here are a few quotes from Mike’s many nominators:

  • “I have never met another person so fully devoted to making school a better experience for every student, and specifically for students who are often overlooked or dismissed in our school systems.”
  • “I have been impressed by, and sometimes a little in awe of, Mike’s ability to find solutions that help students grow and become more connected to their peers and communities. In his commitment to making discipline a learning and growth experience for students, Mike is always looking for ways to turn problems into opportunities. I am a better teacher and advocate for students because of his leadership. ”
  • “Mike encourages the and, not the but . . . the not yet, not the never, and the yes, we can in face of the no, forget it. I have never worked with someone more asset-based in their thinking than Mike and even when students have given up on themselves, Mike is there with a story, an encouraging word, and a reminder that the adults are there to help and support.”
  • “Mike doesn’t let up when there is work to be done and students to protect and support.  This is his life’s work. He is the embodiment of a champion in education. He is a gem among giants.”

We’re so pleased that Mike is on our 4J team and are making a world of difference at Roosevelt!


Kerry Delf, Chief of Staff • Lisa Fjordbeck, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Superintendent’s Office • Erin Gaston, Principal, Howard Elementary School • AJ Hruby, Principal, Arts & Technology Academy • Mike Ingman, Principal, Sheldon High School • Hillary Johnson, Communications Coordinator, Communications Department • Courtney Leonard, Principal, Roosevelt Middle School • Tom Maloney, Principal, Charlemagne Elementary School • Sheila Minney, Principal, Willagillespie Elementary School • Jim Moore, Principal, Edgewood Elementary SchoolDavid Nelson, Senior Systems Administrator, Technology Department • Christine Nesbit, General Counsel, Legal Services • Tris O’Shaughnessy, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services Department • Natalie Oliver, Principal, Adams Elementary School • Seth Pfaefflin, Student Services Administrator, Student Services Department • Karen Ramírez Gutierrez, Principal, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School • Dawn Strong, Human Resources & COVID Administrator, Education CenterJohn Wayland, Principal, Kelly Middle SchoolMike Yocum, Assistant Principal, Roosevelt Middle School


CHAMPION: Bruce Steinmetz, Safe Routes To School, Student Wellness & School Safety Department

Nearly every day, Bruce can be found in and around our schools helping 4J students learn the joy and independence that comes with riding a bike.

Bruce started volunteering with 4J’s Safe Routes to School program years ago, first helping with the middle school bike safety education program and more recently focusing on the kindergarten and first grade learn-to-ride program. These programs are labor intensive and truly could not function without a volunteer like Bruce.

With Bruce’s dedication, patience and charm, nearly a thousand 4J kindergarteners and first graders have learned to ride a bike and thousands more middle schoolers have practiced bike safety skills on rides throughout their communities. Thanks to Bruce, kids are experiencing biking as a joyful and empowering activity.

As an avid cyclist himself and the author of two books on recreation and  cycling, Bruce provides a powerful example about how one can live a life of daily adventure and independence through active transportation.

The consistency that Bruce provides, along with his ability to encourage even the most frustrated and challenged students to keep trying, is critical to the success of 4J’s Safe Routes to School program.

All in all, Bruce is an incredible asset to the program and we are so grateful to have him with us. Congratulations!


Dan Ambrose, Volunteer, South Eugene High School • Jacy Berg, Volunteer, Chávez Elementary School • Jordan Blair, Volunteer, Buena Vista Elementary School • Paul Bodin, Volunteer, Madison Middle School & Adams, Edison and Holt elementary schools • April Colgrove, Volunteer, Monroe Middle School • Dody Hansen, Volunteer, South Eugene High School • Sydney Koh, Volunteer, Monroe Middle School • Laura Lee, Volunteer, Monroe Middle School • Megan MacDonald, Volunteer, Willagillespie Elementary School • Monique Offet, Volunteer, ECCO / Eugene Education Options • Franki Ortega, Volunteer, McCornack Elementary School • Judy Salisbury, Volunteer, Monroe Middle School • Becky Scott, Volunteer, Chinese Immersion Elementary School & Kennedy Middle School • Gary Spizizen, Volunteer, Adams Elementary School • Bruce Steinmetz, Volunteer, Student Wellness and School Safety Department • Brandon Tirrill, Volunteer, Monroe Middle School • Mary Walston, Volunteer, Adams Elementary School/Eugene School Board • Kristin White, Volunteer, Monroe Middle School

Lifetime Achievement

Patti Gehlhaar and Linda Willis, Co-Secretaries, Gilham Elementary School

This year, in a very unique, one-time-only circumstance, two staff were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. These two staff members have worked the same job, side-by-side for 25 years and are leaving 4J together.

Patti Gehlhaar started working for 4J in 1979 and Linda Willis joined Team Eugene a decade later. Linda and Patti became co-secretaries at Gilham Elementary School in 1997. These two people—jointly and individually—have had a profoundly positive impact on students and staff.

For 25 years, Patti and Linda have jointly performed the challenging job of school secretary at 4J’s largest elementary school with efficiency, grace, competence, positivity and warmth. In tandem, they have excelled at handling everything this multi-layered and demanding job encompasses while keeping the school smoothly humming along each and every day.

Here’s a portion of what their nominators wrote:

  • “Patti and Linda are phenomenal at their jobs. They know the ins and outs of Gilham, where everything is and who everyone is, they make sure everyone feels welcome and supported. They do it all with such grace and aplomb.”
  • “Linda and Patti have been such a blessing to all the students at Gilham over the years, making them feel so special and helping them when they needed it. Students return to Gilham with treats, flowers, and cards to show how much they are appreciated.”
  • “During Covid, Patti and Linda helped students and parents troubleshoot devices and Seesaw and kept staff working and connected remotely, with their warm, positive, helpful attitude and communication.”
  • “When I was deployed overseas for the military, Patti and Linda got me a very special book and put little notes throughout the book; they noted staff members’ birthdays and did something special for each holiday that I would be gone. They organized a holiday gift basket to be sent to my family here in the states. I was 8,000 miles away and they still kept me connected, cared for, and supported. That is just how they roll.”
  • “While we are all happy for them that they get to retire, we are all greatly saddened that we won’t come to work and see their smiling faces every day.”

Thanks and congratulations to Linda and Patti on their lifetime of achievement.

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who took time to nominate a deserving 4J staff member to celebrate excellence in education.

Thanks to Eugene Education Foundation for supporting our public schools and outstanding educators.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of our 4J staff and volunteers, nominated or not, who work to make a difference in the lives of children every day.

Campeones de la educación nombrados en los premios ACE 2022

234 miembros del personal y voluntarios del distrito fueron honrados en la ceremonia de premios

El personal y los voluntarios de 4J fueron honrados por su excelencia en educación en la ceremonia de premios ACE (Un campeón en educación) 2022, el martes 10 de mayo.

Todos los 234 nominados fueron reconocidos y cuatro destacados educadores fueron nombrados campeones en su categoría. Cada campeón recibirá una subvención de $250 para su escuela de parte de la Eugene Education Foundation. En una circunstancia única y sin precedentes, dos miembros excepcionales del equipo 4J desde hace mucho tiempo fueron honrados con un premio especial conjunto a la trayectoria.

Los campeones del Premio ACE 2022 de 4J son Yvette Landrum, Dulce Guillén, Mike Yocum, Bruce Steinmetz. Patti Gihlhaar y Linda Willis las dos últimas fueron galardonadas con un premio conjunto único a la trayectoria. Cada categoría recibirá una subvención de $250 para una escuela o programa de 4J de su elección por parte de la Eugene Education Foundation.

Felicitaciones a todo nuestro personal que fue nominado y celebrado en los Premios ACE 2022.

Video de la ceremonia de entrega de premios ACE

Maestros y especialistas autorizados

CAMPEONA: Yvette Landrum, maestra de educación especial, escuela primaria Gilham

Yvette Landrum se unió a 4J en el 2006 como maestra de educación especial en la escuela primaria Gilham. ¡Para el inmenso aprecio del personal de Gilham, ella ha estado allí desde entonces!

Yvette es elogiada por ser una maestra veterana que se preocupa profundamente por sus alumnos. Ella es “implacable en la individualización de las intervenciones, la conexión con los padres y el personal y la construcción de relaciones positivas con las familias y los estudiantes”.

Un poco de lo que escribieron muchos de los nominadores de Yvette:

  • “Yvette es una maestra excepcionalmente experimentada que supera todo absolutamente con su experiencia trabajando con estudiantes, además de ser una jugadora de equipo suprema con el personal”.
  • “Somos muy afortunados de tener a Yvette en nuestra familia Gilham con sus increíbles talentos y su increíble ambición para fomentar técnicas de enseñanza detrás de escena donde sus estudiantes se elevan con confianza”.
  • “Nos maravilla su disposición tranquila, su entusiasmo positivo y las relaciones que construye con sus alumnos, que mueven montañas para alcanzar las metas que ella les propone”.
  • “Yvette se preocupa inmensamente por toda la comunidad escolar de Gilham, y se nota. Ella es maestra en el centro de aprendizaje, pero también apoya a los maestros de educación general en la búsqueda de programas que puedan ayudarlos a diferenciar la instrucción para los estudiantes”.
  • “Ella dedica muchas horas, dentro y fuera del salón de clases, para asegurarse de que los estudiantes sean atendidos al máximo, educativa, mental y emocionalmente”.
  • Sus alumnos sumaron sus voces a su nominación. La Sra. Landrum, dicen, es “amable, amorosa y dulce” y “siempre nos ayuda y nos da bocadillos”. Dicen que es “a veces dura y a veces divertida” y que “le gusta desafiarnos y hacernos pensar”.

El nombre de Yvette en el boliche suena verdad: Ella es una “Reina Guerrera”. ¡Felicidades!


Personal clasificado

CAMPEONA: Dulce Guillén, Navegadora Cultural, Departamento de Equidad, Inclusión e Instrucción

Dulce Guillén se unió al Equipo de Eugene en el 2017 como registradora en la Academia de Artes y Tecnología y el año pasado, en el punto pico de la pandemia, comenzó a trabajar con el equipo integral de 4J. Como navegadora cultural, brinda a las familias marginadas y desatendidas el mismo acceso a los recursos, la defensa, la tutoría y las oportunidades de aprendizaje, al tiempo que mantiene la conciencia cultural, el respeto y la dignidad.

El enfoque de Dulce está en el éxito de los estudiantes con una atención especial a los estudiantes cuyas necesidades podrían quedar insatisfechas, ya que experimentan barreras en el sistema escolar. Participa como agente cultural y defensora de la familia en numerosos equipos, incluidos los equipos IEP y 504, equipos de apoyo escolar y reuniones familiares.

Se dice que “aboga suave pero ferozmente por los estudiantes”.

Sus nominadores la identificaron como “la persona que lleva a los estudiantes a la escuela, se asegura de que la escuela se sienta segura y comprensiva para ellos, y ayuda a las escuelas a responder a las necesidades de los estudiantes”.

Ejemplo tras ejemplo, a Dulce se le atribuye el mérito de establecer conexiones de confianza con las familias cuando un estudiante está en peligro, trabaja con la familia y los equipos escolares para encontrar servicios de apoyo para el estudiante y ayudarlos a retomar el rumbo y volver a participar en la escuela.

Su profundo conocimiento combinado con sus habilidades de comunicación y su voluntad de arremangarse para encontrar soluciones y eliminar barreras es una fuerza positiva en nuestras escuelas y comunidad.

Dulce es verdaderamente una campeona para los estudiantes y el personal de 4J. Tenemos suerte de tenerte en el Equipo Eugene. ¡Felicidades!


Administradores, supervisores, gerentes y profesionales

CAMPEÓN: Mike Yocum, subdirector de la Secundaria Roosevelt

Mike Yocum ha trabajado por todo el mundo en educación durante dos décadas con un enfoque en educación especial. Al principio de su carrera, trabajó en las secundarias de 4J como maestro de educación especial y asistente educativo. Regresó a 4J hace casi una década para servir como subdirector en la Escuela Secundaria Roosevelt, y ha estado haciendo un trabajo sólido desde entonces.

Aquí hay algunas citas de los muchos nominadores de Mike:

  • “Nunca he conocido a otra persona tan dedicada a hacer que la escuela sea una mejor experiencia para todos los estudiantes, y específicamente para los estudiantes que a menudo son pasados ​​por alto o descartados en nuestros sistemas escolares”.
  • “Me ha impresionado, y a veces me ha asombrado, la capacidad de Mike para encontrar soluciones que ayuden a los estudiantes a crecer y estar más conectados con sus compañeros y comunidades. En su compromiso de hacer de la disciplina una experiencia de aprendizaje y crecimiento para los estudiantes, Mike siempre busca formas de convertir los problemas en oportunidades. Yo soy un mejor maestro y defensor de los estudiantes gracias a su liderazgo. “
  • Mike apoya el decir “y”, en vez de “pero” . . . el “todavía no”, en vez de “nunca”, y el “sí, podemos” frente al “no, olvídalo”. Nunca he trabajado con alguien más basado en los recursos en su forma de pensar que Mike, e incluso cuando los estudiantes se han dado por vencidos, Mike está ahí con una historia, una palabra de aliento y un recordatorio de que los adultos están ahí para ayudar y apoyar”.
  • “Mike no se rinde cuando hay trabajo por hacer y estudiantes que proteger y apoyar. Este es el trabajo de su vida. Él es la encarnación de un campeón en educación. Es una joya entre los gigantes”.

Mike, estamos muy contentos de que estés en nuestro equipo 4J y estés marcando una gran diferencia en Roosevelt. ¡Felicidades!



CAMPEÓN: Bruce Steinmetz, Rutas Seguras a la Escuela, Departamento de Bienestar Estudiantil y Seguridad Escolar

Casi todos los días, se puede encontrar a Bruce en nuestras escuelas y sus alrededores ayudando a los estudiantes de 4J a aprender la alegría y la independencia que conlleva andar en bicicleta.

Bruce comenzó a trabajar como voluntario en el programa Rutas seguras a la escuela de 4J hace años, primero ayudando con el programa de educación sobre seguridad en bicicletas de la escuela secundaria y, más recientemente, centrándose en el programa de aprendizaje para montar en bicicleta del kindergarten y primer grado. Estos programas requieren mucha mano de obra y realmente no podrían funcionar sin un voluntario como Bruce.

Con la dedicación, la paciencia y el encanto de Bruce, casi mil niños de kindergarten y de primer grado de 4J han aprendido a andar en bicicleta y miles de estudiantes de secundaria han practicado destrezas de seguridad en bicicleta en paseos en sus comunidades. Gracias a Bruce, los niños experimentan andar en bicicleta como una actividad alegre y fortalecedora.

Como un ávido ciclista y autor de dos libros sobre recreación y ciclismo, Bruce proporciona un poderoso ejemplo sobre cómo uno puede vivir una vida de aventura diaria e independencia a través del transporte activo.

La consistencia que brinda Bruce, junto con su capacidad para alentar incluso a los estudiantes más frustrados y desafiados a seguir intentándolo, es fundamental para el éxito del programa Rutas seguras a la escuela de 4J.

En general, Bruce es un activo increíble para el programa y estamos muy agradecidos de tenerlo con nosotros. ¡Felicidades!


Logros de trayectoria laboral de Patti Gehlhaar y Linda Willis, Co-secretarias de la Escuela Primaria Gilham

Este año, en una circunstancia única, dos miembros del personal recibieron el premio por Logro de Trayectoria Laboral. Estas dos miembros del personal han trabajado en el mismo trabajo, codo con codo durante 25 años y dejarán el 4J juntas.

Patti Gehlhaar comenzó a trabajar para 4J en 1979 y Linda Willis se unió al Equipo Eugene una década después. Linda y Patti se convirtieron en co secretarias de la Escuela Primaria Gilham en 1997. Estas dos personas, en forma conjunta e individual, han tenido un impacto profundamente positivo en los estudiantes y el personal.

Durante 25 años, Patti y Linda han realizado conjuntamente el desafiante trabajo de secretaria escolar en la escuela primaria más grande de 4J con eficiencia, gracia, competencia, positivismo y calidez. En conjunto, se han destacado en el manejo de todo lo que abarca este trabajo exigente y de múltiples capas, al mismo tiempo que mantienen la escuela funcionando sin problemas todos los días.

Aquí hay una parte de lo que escribieron sus nominadores:

  • “Patti y Linda son fenomenales en su trabajo. Conocen los aspectos y detalles de la Gilham, dónde está todo y quiénes son todos, se aseguran de que todos se sientan bienvenidos y apoyados. Lo hacen todo con tanta gracia y aplomo”.
  • “Linda y Patti han sido una gran bendición para todos los estudiantes de Gilham a lo largo de los años, haciéndolos sentir tan especiales y ayudándolos cuando lo necesitaban. Los estudiantes regresan a Gilham con golosinas, flores y tarjetas para mostrar cuánto las aprecian”.
  • “Durante Covid, Patti y Linda ayudaron a los estudiantes y padres a solucionar problemas de dispositivos y Seesaw y mantuvieron al personal trabajando y conectado de forma remota, con su actitud y comunicación cálida, positiva y servicial”.
  • “Cuando estuve en el extranjero para las fuerzas armadas, Patti y Linda me compraron un libro muy especial y pusieron pequeñas notas a lo largo del libro; anotaron los cumpleaños de los miembros del personal e hicieron algo especial para cada festividad en la que yo me ausentaría. Organizaron una canasta de regalos navideños para enviarla a mi familia aquí en los Estados Unidos. Estaba a 8,000 millas de distancia y aun así me mantuvieron conectado, cuidado y apoyado. Así es como se comportan”.
  • “Si bien todos estamos felices por ellas porque se jubilan, todos estamos muy tristes porque iremos a trabajar y no veremos sus rostros sonrientes todos los días”.

Linda y Patti, gracias y felicitaciones por sus logros de trayectoria laboral.


Gracias a todos aquellos que se tomaron el tiempo para nominar a un miembro del personal de 4J que se lo merece para celebrar la excelencia en la educación.

Gracias a Eugene Education Foundation por apoyar a nuestras escuelas públicas y educadores sobresalientes.

Por último, pero ciertamente no menos importante, gracias a todo nuestro personal y voluntarios de 4J, nominados o no, que trabajan para marcar la diferencia en la vida de los niños todos los días.

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