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Student Technology: Keep or Return?

Most students can keep their 4J-issued devices over the summer for use next school year

Last fall, as districts across Oregon transitioned to continue distance learning due to the pandemic, Eugene School District 4J shifted to 1:1 learning devices for every student to learn at home: iPads for elementary and middle school students, laptops for high school students, and hotspots for students who needed them for internet access.

As we finish out this school year impacted by COVID, most students can hold on to their learning devices to use in the fall, but there are some exceptions. 

Who must return their 4J-issued technology? 

  • Students graduating from high school. 
  • Students leaving the school district. 
  • Students transitioning from 8th grade to high school (iPads are needed to be used by new 3rd graders). Exception: contact your school if the student will need their device for a summer school program.
  • Students transitioning from 2nd to 3rd grade (iPads are needed to be used by new kindergarteners). Exception: contact your school if the student will need their device for a summer school program.
  • Families who prefer to return their 4J-issued technology for safekeeping can do so. Please contact your school or, if your school office is closed for the summer, contact 4J Technology Services

Take care of technology over the summer:  

Most students will keep their district-issued technology over the summer for use in the fall. This privilege comes with responsibility—please take good care of your laptop, iPad and/or hotspot, and its charger!


  • Store it in a safe place where it will not be stolen, lost, forgotten, stepped or sat on, or damaged by moisture or excessive heat
  • Keep it away from all liquids, food, and pets


  • Store it on the floor or ground or any other place where it could be stepped or sat on
  • Leave it in a vehicle where it could be stolen or damaged by heat
  • Leave it where it could be damaged by pets or young children
  • Use or store it where food is prepared, such as next to the stove or in the kitchen
  • Stack heavy objects on it
  • Take it on vacation, hiking, camping, or to the beach
  • Take it out of the state or country

For more guidelines for appropriate use of district-issued technology, please see  www.4j.lane.edu/technology/appropriateuse.

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