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Board Meeting Summary: June 23, 2021

June 23, 2021
School Board Special Meeting

On Wednesday, June 23, the school board held a special meeting. The meeting was open to the public via live video on Zoom, live audio stream, and radio broadcast on KRVM 1280-AM.

Regular Meeting

Items for Action

• Approved initiating the land use decision process for the Future Build Project: 4J is planning to launch a career technical education (CTE) program, called the Future Build Project, in which students will learn construction skills and help build housing. The program will provide students with hands-on experience building a home—teaching them about planning, budgeting, design and construction—under the supervision of a licensed teacher with support from community mentors. The home or homes built through the program then will be sold to a community partner to help economically disadvantaged families transition into home ownership, and the proceeds of the sale will be used to purchase property for the next home.

On June 23 the board voted to initiate its land use decision process to purchase the first property for the new program. This was the first step in a deliberative prescribed process that includes notification of the neighbors of the subject property and a public hearing. The vote was unanimous.

The board will review proposed findings of fact—a document that outlines a proposed property transaction and evaluation criteria for the public record—at its special meeting on July 1. The board will hold a public hearing and vote on whether to approve the findings of fact and purchase of property at its meeting on Aug. 4.

• Approved the consent calendar: The board approved agreements to increase employee compensation for summer school programs, to support summer program recruitment and retention of staff who would not normally work during the summer. The board also approved the official minutes for the May 5 and May 19 board meetings. The vote was unanimous.

Agenda and Materials

June 23 special meeting materials
June 23 special meeting audio recording


NOTE:  This is a quick summary of the topics and actions at a meeting of the school board. This document is NOT the official minutes of the school board. Official minutes are posted after they are drafted, reviewed and approved by the board. Audio recordings of meetings are typically posted within two days after the meeting. 

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