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Update on Face Masks at School

Masks still required at school during school day for remaining days of the year • Now optional for outdoor high school sports and graduation  

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) have released new guidance regarding face coverings for schools and school-related activities. The changes allow school districts to opt to loosen some requirements at sports activities, outdoor events, and for fully vaccinated adults when students are not present. ODE and OHA have been clear that individual school districts may continue to require masks universally at all times.

After careful consideration, Eugene School District 4J will be loosening some face covering requirements, under certain circumstances.

There is no change for students during the school day. 

Students will continue wearing face masks during the school day, both indoors and outdoors, including during recess, PE, arrival and dismissal times.

With school ending in three weeks, each cohort of students has just a few more school days on-site. Staying the course with face masks during outdoor activities provides our students and staff with needed consistency and predictability, and the least amount of disruption to learn and adapt to new protocols in the limited time remaining.

Our district has also had few COVID-positive cases and virtually no school spread with face masks and other health and safety measures in place. We want to finish the school year strong and healthy.

There are changes for high school sports outside the school day.

Outdoor sports and events outside the school day: Face masks are now optional for all participants, including student athletes, coaches, spectators. This also applies to events such as high school graduation ceremonies. All physical distancing and capacity restrictions still apply, until there is a change in state rules on these measures.

Indoor sports outside the school day: Face masks are optional for student athletes and coaches who are fully vaccinated and have verified their vaccination status. Face masks remain required for all spectators, and for any athletes and staff who have not provided proof of full vaccination status.

There will be changes for staff only when they are not around students.

School staff will continue wearing masks around students during the school day, indoors and outdoors. Starting next week, face masks will be optional for staff working outdoors only when no students are present, and indoors only when no students are present and the staff member has been verified to be fully vaccinated.

People are considered to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after receiving their second vaccine dose.

Everyone—students, families and staff—should feel comfortable and welcome to continue wearing masks in circumstances where it is optional, such as graduation ceremonies. Please be courteous and respectful of others and their choices in these circumstances. Thank you for your continued support.

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