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Back to School Safety: No Dogs on Campus

Safety reminder as students return to school buildings: Dogs and other pets are prohibited on school grounds 

As students are returning to school buildings this spring, we want to remind families and neighbors of some rules and regulations governing school grounds to help protect the safety of our students, staff and neighbors.

Please remember:
• School grounds are closed to the public during school hours.
• Dogs and other pets are not permitted on school grounds at any time, except as authorized by the superintendent or safety officer.*
• Off-leash dogs, pet waste, and dogs on synthetic fields are particular concerns.

When you are out in public with your dog, please be a responsible pet owner:

Student commute: If your dog comes with you to drop off or pick up your student at school, please stop at the sidewalk and don’t bring your dog onto school grounds.

Leashes: Dogs should be on leashes at all times. Local laws do not allow dogs at large except in designated off-leash areas.

Pet waste: Bag and dispose of pet waste properly and immediately. Take it with you or leave in a trash can if available. Waste and waste bags left on school property are a health and safety issue for students, school staff, and groundskeepers.

Thank you for helping keep our students, staff and neighborhoods safe and healthy as children return to school on-site.


Referenced rules and regulations on dogs include:

Policy KGB: Public Conduct on District Property
Policy ING: Animals in District Facilities
Other 4J Board Policies

Eugene City Code 4.425 Dogs at Large Prohibited (& Lane County)
Eugene City Code 4.465 Dog Waste Matter (& Lane County)

* Animals serving the disabled are permitted as provided by law. 

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