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Coming to School? Be Ready to Wear Your Mask!

All students and staff must wear face coverings properly at all times

Eugene School District 4J is excited to be welcoming back students to school buildings in a hybrid model this spring, after a year of distance learning.

In keeping with local state and federal regulations and recommendations, the district has implemented extensive protocols to protect the health and safety of returning students and staff, including daily screening, physical distancing, cohorting, and increased cleaning procedures.

Students and staff wearing face coverings properly at all times is essential for health and safety. Many students are already used to wearing a face covering, while for others this will be a new experience. 

Students returning to in-person learning should understand and be ready to follow these simple rules for face coverings:

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, indoors and outdoors, including while in class, during recess, and riding on a school bus.
  • Face coverings should fit snugly and cover the nose, mouth and chin at all times.
  • Face coverings must be an effective design. No gaiters, bandanas, masks with valves, or face shields alone (face shields may be worn in addition to masks).

There will be no “mask breaks” for groups or routinely for individual students. On a very limited basis, supervised brief adjustment periods may be accommodated for an individual student away from their peers, if needed. If a disability or medical condition makes it difficult for your student to meet the requirements for face coverings, please discuss options with your student’s team.

Meal periods are the exception. Guided by school staff, students may briefly remove their face coverings during short meal periods, while they stay seated and physically distant from others.

Families are encouraged to pack an extra face covering or two in their student’s backpack in case the one they’re wearing becomes wet or dirty. If you need a face covering provided for your student, ask your school.

Thank you for helping your student be prepared, safe and comfortable in their return to in-person learning. 

More Information:

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