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Back to School: Hybrid Return Updates

Grades K–1 to begin hybrid on-site orientation week of March 15 • Middle and high school pathway change requests due March 4

Middle & High School Learning Pathway Change Form
Caminos educativos: Solicitud de cambio para estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria

We are excited to welcome students back to school buildings in the coming weeks. 

4J students will begin safely returning to school buildings in a hybrid on-site learning model in March. This will start with the youngest grades and add grade levels over time. 

Students in the hybrid model will learn on-site two days a week in alternating groups. 

Extensive health and safety measures will be in place, including face masks worn at all times by everyone at school, physical distancing, hand hygiene, extra cleaning and improved ventilation. 

Free school meals will be provided for all students. 

Please read on for more information about:
• Grades K–1 begin with on-site orientation the week of March 15
• Middle and high school pathway change requests due March 4
• Hybrid schedule for all grade levels: On-site learning Mon/Tue or Thu/Fri

Eugene School District 4J Return to School

Hybrid Timeline: First Grades First 

The youngest grades, kindergarten and first grade, will be the first to return to in-person learning  in a hybrid model, followed by older grades. 

Elementary schools will hold on-site orientation for kindergarten and first grade students during the week of March 15, before spring break, to provide a supportive start with small-group meetings and modeling for our littlest learners. K–1 students will begin a full hybrid learning schedule after spring break, starting March 29. Please watch for specific information to come from your school. 

Older elementary students in grades 2–5 are expected to begin the hybrid learning model the week of April 5, and middle and high schools the following week of April 12, if vaccines are delivered on schedule and our local public health conditions continue to meet state guidelines for reopening schools. 

Expected timeline (*new information and updated dates):
March 4*: Middle and high school learning pathway change requests due
March 5*: Elementary families notified of classroom and cohort assignment
• March 5 & 12*: Elementary asynchronous learning days, teachers prepare for hybrid transition
March 15*: Elementary classroom changes implemented
March 15 week*: Grades K–1 attend on-site orientation events
March 20–28: Spring break
March 29: Trimester 3 begins for middle and high school
• March 29: Grades K–1 begin full hybrid learning schedule
April 5: Grades 2–5 begin hybrid learning model
April 12: Grades 6–12 begin hybrid learning model
Tentative dates are subject to change

Illustration showing some students attending school on-site on Mondays and Tuesdays, other students attending on-site on Thursdays and Fridays 

Hybrid Schedule: On-Site Learning Two Days Each Week 

Students returning to school buildings in a hybrid learning model this spring will learn on-site in alternating groups. Each group of students will learn on-site at school two days a week and online at home three days a week.

Students in Group A will learn on-site at school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and online at home the other days. Students in Group B will learn on-site at school on Thursdays and Fridays, and online at home the other days. On Wednesdays, all students will learn from home.

Middle and high school schedules will be similar to the current distance learning schedule, with high school classes in the morning and middle school classes in the afternoon. Daily class schedules also will remain similar, with live class time for Periods 1, 2 and 3 on Mondays and Thursdays and Periods 4, 5 and 6 / 0 on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Elementary schools will shift to a hybrid schedule more similar to regular school times, with a 5-hour school day starting 7:55 a.m. for schools with the earlier regular start time and at 8:45 a.m. for schools with the later regular start time. 

The district has shifted the hybrid learning schedule to have each group of students attend school on-site two days a week, rather than in alternating weeks as was originally planned, following the recommendation of the Elementary, Middle and High School Operations Workgroups—teachers and specialists working side-by-side with administrators, and listening to teacher voice and parent input. The original plan for alternating weeks was developed when less was known about the coronavirus and the district expected to have students on-site in a hybrid model for most of the school year.


Middle & High School: Choose Your Learning Location

There are three learning pathways available to 4J students this school year: 

Same School Hybrid — When 4J schools return to in-person learning, it will be in a hybrid model. Students enrolled in this learning pathway will attend classes on-site at school some days and online at home on other days. This is the right choice for families who want their students to learn in-person at school some of the time. 

Same School Online — Students enrolled in this learning pathway will continue learning 100% online at home with their regular school for the rest of the school year. This is the right choice for families who want their students to keep learning online with their regular school all of the time. 

Eugene Online Academy — The Eugene Online Academy is a separate program providing 100% online, asynchronous (on-demand) learning, supplemented by optional real-time check-ins. Students enrolling in EOA this year will not lose their place at their regular school. This is a choice for families who want their students to learn online with a different curricular program and on their own schedule, without synchronous class time. 

Each family situation is unique. Some families are eager for students to return to in-person learning, while others are concerned about making this change soon.

4J is offering families one more opportunity to change their choice of learning pathways before beginning on-site learning in the hybrid model. Elementary families had the opportunity to change between hybrid and online enrollment options in February. Now, middle and high school families may change their student’s pathway for the final trimester. 

Middle and high school families will receive an email and text with their student’s ID number and Trimester 2 enrollment pathway.

If you want to change your student’s learning pathway for the third trimester, please complete the online request form by Thursday, March 4.

Please make the best choice for your student based on whether you want them to learn in-person at school some of the time, keep learning all online, or learn all online independently, asynchronously and separately from your regular school.   

Families only need to respond if they want to make a change. No action is needed if you want to continue with your student’s current choice. 

Thank You

Thank you for your continued engagement and support throughout this challenging year.

We all look forward to being able to safely reopen 4J school buildings and welcome students back into classrooms as soon as possible. Our priorities remain the health and safety of our students, staff and families, and our students’ academic growth and social emotional wellbeing.

Middle & High School Learning Pathway Change Form
Caminos educativos: Solicitud de cambio para estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria


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