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Online School Schedules Updated

Middle school schedule revised, high school schedule clarified

Schedules: ElementaryMiddleHighIHS 

Eugene School District 4J is preparing to begin school on Sept. 21, with online learning for all students until winter break. Students will learn from home five days a week (except no-school days, such as holidays and grading days). 

Students’ daily learning schedules were developed with teacher workgroups, in partnership with the Eugene Education Association, to enable 4J educators to develop and provide exceptional learning opportunities and connections for all of our students and families. 

School days will feature a mix of online and offline time, combining live full-class instruction, small group work, and independent learning. Families are asked to prioritize joining their class live for synchronous learning during the blue portion of the schedule each day. Asynchronous or “on-demand” learning, the yellow portion of the schedule, is flexible—families may choose a different time of day for this schoolwork. 

The middle school schedule has been revised from the draft schedule shared in August, with changes to the flex day (most Wednesdays), and adjustments to the afternoon schedule on other days.

The high school schedule layout has been revised to clarify the A/B day schedule. The Eugene International High School program will have the same A/B day rotation, with students’ IHS block of classes in place of either periods 1 and 2 on A days or periods 4 and 5 on B days.

Grab-and-go meal service hours will be extended so students at all grade levels can access school meals without missing live instruction.

Note: Once schools resume hybrid learning on-site, daily schedules for students during their remote learning times will be different, likely with less synchronous learning time. The schedule for on-site school days also will be different.  

Online Learning Schedules  

Schedules: ElementaryMiddleHighIHS 


Synchronous (“Live”) Learning = Teacher-led online learning together at the same time. May blend online interaction and independent work with teacher support. Synchronous learning is scheduled at a specific time. 

Asynchronous (“On-Demand”) Learning = Teacher-designed learning assignments, not real-time class meetings or scheduled interaction with a teacher. Work may be completed at a different time that works for the family’s and student’s daily schedule. 

Applied Learning = Teacher-designed independent learning experiences, not real-time interaction. During the scheduled times, students have access to teachers, educational assistants or other support providers, but work may be completed at a different time of day. 

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