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Virtual View: Soar Through Edison School Design

3D virtual tour through new Edison building reflects design development concepts • Entry arch and some other elements will evolve 

The vision of the new Edison Elementary School is coming into focus. Edison’s current 1926 building is the oldest and in the poorest condition among all 4J school buildings. Soon a new building will be under construction, thanks to voters’ approval of the 2018 school bond measure.

Mahlum Architects and Robertson Sherwood Architects completed initial design development for the new building this spring. Responsive to community input, the architects have created a school design to prioritize green space, fit the neighborhood in scale, and reflect traditional and northwestern styles.

Now community members are invited to take a 3D tour of the draft school design. The building depicted in this video is an architectural rendering of design development concepts. The final building design will vary somewhat from what is shown here. Click play, and we’ll take you on a virtual tour through the new Edison building.

Evolving Entryway

The final school design will be presented this fall. One notable design change will be the entryway.

Reflecting a common theme heard in community feedback on design development in spring 2020, the architects will revise the school entry design from the slightly splayed arch that was presented in the draft design, to a more classic, vertical arch shape.

Original draft and revised design of Edison Elementary School entryway arch

Next Steps

Minor pre-construction work at the Edison site will begin in July. The original Edison building will be removed later this year, and construction of the new building in the same location will begin in early 2021 to be completed in summer 2022.

Edison staff and students will move to the Willard site for the 2020–21 and 2021–22 school years, until the new building is completed.


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