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Bond-Funded Athletic Improvements Race Forward This Summer

Promised bond work continues while school facilities are closed

Spring sports may be canceled but planned bond work marches on. Thanks to the 4J community’s support of the 2018 school bond measure, needed upgrades are being completed across the district to improve athletic facilities and support equitable athletic opportunities for all students.

The packed schedule of planned improvements for 2020 includes turf replacements at four schools, a new softball field for North Eugene High School, new left-field baseball netting at South Eugene High School, a baseball storage area at Churchill High School, upper gym door improvements at Sheldon High School, and gym floor work at eight schools. Each of these athletic facility improvements were identified as priority projects and are among a long list of planned improvements for this spring and summer.

The new high-quality softball field will be a welcome addition to the North Eugene region for use both during construction of the new high school and after students move to the new building in 2023. Churchill’s new baseball storage area will help secure equipment and prevent vandalism. South Eugene’s baseball left field abuts the turf field, and safety for students on the turf was a leading impetus for the addition of new netting. Now the turf field will be able to host students safely when the baseball field is in use.

Gym floor work is being completed this summer at Arts & Technology Academy, Chávez Elementary School, Gilham Elementary School, Holt Elementary School, Kennedy Middle School, Madison Middle School, River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School, and the Willard site that will house Edison Elementary School and Camas Ridge Elementary School and then be used for other district needs. The work being completed on these floors will provide students improved space for physical education and sports.

Much-needed turf replacements are being completed at North Eugene High School, South Eugene High School, Arts & Technology Academy and Spencer Butte Middle School this spring and summer. Synthetic turf fields provide durable, low-maintenance, all-weather playing surfaces, but as with all materials they wear over time and the turf must be replaced periodically.

Work crews from contractor Coast to Coast Turf have quickly removed the old turf by dividing each field into 200+ pieces of 7-foot by 50-foot strips. With each strip weighing more than 1,200 pounds, forklifts were crucial for moving the large pieces off the field’s base. Repairs to each field base will be completed before new turf is installed, to help extend the life of the new field surfaces.

New turf surfaces will be installed by July. The replacement turf will provide student athletes safe and high-quality playing surfaces at ATA, North Eugene, South Eugene and Spencer Butte for many years to come.


As construction and projects progress, the district will publish updates, photos and videos from the worksites to social media and the district website. To stay tuned to these updates, email bond@4j.lane.edu to subscribe to bond news updates and follow @4Jschools on social media—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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