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Video Cameras to Enhance School Security

Bond-funded camera installation nearly complete

School safety is a top priority for Eugene School District 4J and for our community. Recent 4J school bond measures overwhelmingly approved by voters have included funding for school safety and security among many other important capital improvements. Now, a key school security enhancement is close to completion.

Video cameras have been installed at all 4J high schools and middle schools, and elementary schools are targeted for completion by the end of the school year. Previously, the district had some cameras at specific sites but did not have a coordinated video camera system in place across the district.

Cameras are installed for security purposes in multiple locations at each school, in key areas such as hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias and school exteriors. There are no cameras installed in classrooms, bathrooms or locker rooms.

The video cameras provide an extra set of eyes for student safety and school security, both during the school day and after hours and overnight. Cameras are in operation 24 hours a day, but are not continuously monitored live.

Soon all of our 4J schools will have an extra set of eyes to keep our students safe, thanks to the community’s support of the 2013 school bond measure.

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