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Interdistrict Transfers: Non-Residents Apply in March 2020

Live outside of 4J? Apply March 1–31 for district transfer lottery

Apply online March 1–31

In Eugene School District 4J, we have a long history of school choice. We welcome all students and families to attend our schools. Students who live anywhere in the district may request to attend a school other than their neighborhood school, provided there is space available to meet the student’s needs. Families who live outside of the district also may request a transfer to 4J.

Lotteries are held each spring to determine the order in which requests are granted. Families who live outside of the district boundary must apply online between Sunday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 31, to be included in the annual interdistrict transfer lottery.

Out-of-district families will be asked to indicate which 4J schools they prefer, among those open to requests. Transfers will be offered in an order determined by lottery, pending release from the student’s district of residence.

Many 4J schools are open to requests from out-of-district students. Other schools are not open to requests from out-of-district residents because they will not have spaces left after 4J residents are accommodated.

Students seeking a transfer to 4J may request to enroll at the following schools:

Returning seniors: If your student is currently enrolled at a 4J high school, has moved out of district and is seeking a transfer to continue in 12th grade, contact schoolchoice@4j.lane.edu.


Learn More & Apply Online

Application period
Sunday, March 1–Tuesday, March 31

Application system 

More information
4J School Choice
Out-of-District Transfers

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