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Oregon Publishes School Profile Reports

2018–19 annual reports are available online 

Each year, the Oregon Department of Education issues reports for every public school and district in Oregon. The 2018–19 reports are now available online.

Image of an Oregon at-a-glance school profile reportODE last year redesigned the school report cards, aiming to share information that is meaningful and accessible to parents, families and the broader school community. The new report is a two-page “At-a-Glance School Profile” report that provides information on 2019 state test performance, 2018 graduation rates, student and teacher demographics, attendance, school programs, and more.

Image of an Oregon at-a-glance school profile report back sideEugene School District 4J students who completed state tests in 2018–19 outperformed the state average in every subject, every grade, and every student group. We’re proud of our 4J students and staff and their hard work to achieve this learning, but continue to work constantly working to increase student achievement.

Please contact your principal if you have questions about your school’s report.


Image showing part of a state school accountability details report

Changes in Accompanying Report

Due to high rate of testing opt-outs, 4J student achievement is not accurately represented in reported data  

In addition to redesigning the “At-a-Glance School Profile” reports, the state last year changed the “ESSA Accountability Details Reports” that are published at the same time. Student achievement data is now calculated and reported differently in these reports.

Non-participating students beyond 5% are now counted as non-proficient, as if they had taken the tests and answered zero questions correctly. In schools and districts where more than 5% of students opted out of completing state tests, the student achievement data in these reports is not an accurate representation of student performance.

Although participation increased in 2019, Eugene School District 4J continues to see a higher-than-typical rate of opt-outs from state testing. For many 4J schools and for the district, the student proficiency rates reported in the accountability detail reports therefore are lower than the actual proficiency demonstrated by students who completed state tests. As an example, at South Eugene High School, 91.9% of tested students demonstrated proficiency in language arts, but the state reports the proficiency rate as 84.1%, due to testing opt-outs at the school.

The ESSA Accountability Details Reports are available on the Oregon Department of Education website.

Comparison of Demonstrated vs. Reported Proficiency Rates 

At-A-Glance Profile Reports

Eugene School District 4J (English / Español

Adams Elementary School (English / Español
Awbrey Park Elementary School (English / Español
Buena Vista Elementary School (English / Español
Camas Ridge Elementary School (English / Español
Charlemagne Elementary School (English / Español
Chávez Elementary School (English / Español
Chinese Immersion Elementary School (English / Español
Corridor Elementary School (English / Español
Edgewood Elementary School (English / Español
Edison Elementary School (English / Español
Family School (English / Español
Gilham Elementary School (English / Español
Holt Elementary School (English / Español
Howard Elementary School (English / Español
McCornack Elementary School (English / Español
River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School (English / Español
Spring Creek Elementary School (English / Español
Twin Oaks Elementary School (English / Español
Willagillespie Elementary School (English / Español
Yujin Gakuen Elementary School (English / Español

Arts & Technology Academy (English / Español
Cal Young Middle School (English / Español
Kelly Middle School (English / Español
Kennedy Middle School (English / Español
Madison Middle School (English / Español
Monroe Middle School (English / Español
Roosevelt Middle School (English / Español
Spencer Butte Middle School (English / Español

Churchill High School (English / Español
North Eugene High School (English / Español
Sheldon High School (English / Español
South Eugene High School (English / Español
ECCO / Eugene Education Options (English / Español


State Website: School & District Reports 


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