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Planning for Program Moves  

Corridor, Yujin Gakuen elementary schools will relocate in 2020  

A number of school programs will relocate in the next few years to make way for bond construction. Two of the schools on the move are Corridor Elementary School and Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School in the North Eugene region.

Voters approved a $319.3 million school bond measure in 2018—nearly half of it to build a new North Eugene High School. The new high school is a terrific investment in the North Eugene region, on the heels of new buildings for Howard and River Road/El Camino del Río elementary schools in recent years and the new Madison Middle School building funded by a previous bond measure. However, this investment will require Yujin Gakuen and Corridor elementary schools to relocate to other buildings in the area that have space to accommodate them, as the new high school building will be constructed where the two alternative elementary schools are currently co-located in the former Silver Lea building, on the west end of the school property.

Next summer, Corridor Elementary School will move to the current North Eugene High School building. Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School will move to the Kelly Middle School building and connect K–8 with the middle school grades of the Yujin Gakuen Japanese immersion program already located at Kelly. The schools will be co-located during construction of the new high school. After the new high school is completed in 2023, the current North Eugene building will be available to house school programs.

Discussions with staff and families at Corridor, Yujin Gakuen, Kelly and North Eugene about these school moves began in spring 2018. Most recently, with input from staff and parents at the four schools, it was decided where each elementary school will best be located within the host school building. In both cases, the elementary classrooms will be grouped in one area of the school building. Each building will have a new playground, appropriately sized restroom facilities, and a separate entrance or dropoff/pickup location for elementary students.

Space for Yujin Gakuen and Kelly classrooms at Kelly Middle School buildingAt Kelly Middle School, Yujin Gakuen Japanese immersion classrooms will be located contiguously in the west side of the Kelly Middle School building, and the middle school classrooms will be located in the east side. Some current classrooms will be divided and other spaces will be renovated to provide suitable space for both programs. A separate elementary school dropoff/pickup location will be located at the southwest end of the school. (For school safety, the main entrance will remain the single point of entry to the school during the school day, outside of dropoff/pickup times.) A new playground will be installed in the fenced area behind the school building.

Space for Corridor at North Eugene buildingCorridor will be located in the southeast wing at North Eugene, close to the cafeteria and a gym. Parents may drop off and pick up their children curbside from the eastside parking lot, and students will enter directly to Corridor at the southeast corner of the building. The new playground will be installed just outside the elementary school area.

The schools are now undertaking more detailed planning for the moves to take place next summer.

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