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School Board Meeting Summary: Sept. 11, 2019

September 11, 2019
School Board Listening Session and Work Sessions

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, the school board held a listening session followed by a work session. All board members were present.

Listening Session

The first 30 minutes of the listening session was spent in small groups or one-on-one conversations between community members and board members.

The second 30 minutes of the session was spent listening to public testimony from community members.  There were eight speakers and the topics presented to the board included:

  • the value of diversity
  • capturing community feedback for the use of Student Success Act funds
  • class size and keeping parents informed on staffing additions to address class size
  • testing in elementary schools
  • informing parents of testing and testing results
  • concern for Howard Elementary enrollment and superboundary
  • concern that students with disabilities are steered away from immersion schools
  • restorative justice as a means to address bullying and diversity
  • school resource officers
  • schools versus education

Work Session

After the listening session, the board held a work session and training on public meeting requirements.  

The board also held a work session to continue development of board working agreements.


NOTE:  This is a quick summary of the topics and actions at a meeting of the school board. It is NOT the official minutes of the meeting. Official minutes are posted after they are drafted by the minutes recorder, reviewed and approved by the board at a following meeting. Recordings of meetings are posted within two days after the meeting. 


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