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Non-Residents Apply Now for Interdistrict Transfers

Live outside of 4J? Interdistrict transfer applications accepted March 1–31 

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Eugene School District 4J welcomes families who live outside of the district boundary to apply to enroll in 4J schools. Interdistrict transfer applications are due Sunday, March 31, at midnight.

The Eugene School District has a long history of school choice. Students in the district may request to attend a school other than their neighborhood school, provided there is space available. Families who live outside of the district also may request a transfer to 4J.

Families will be asked to indicate which 4J schools they prefer. Lotteries are held each spring to determine the order in which requests are granted. Transfers will be accepted where space is available to meet the student’s needs.

Several 4J schools are open to requests from out-of-district students. Students seeking a transfer to 4J may request to enroll at the following schools:

Other schools and grades are not open to requests from out-of-district residents because they are expected to have more 4J residents who wish to attend than can be accommodated. Enrollment in certain programs, including the ECCO alternative high school program and certain special education programs, is by referral only and is not open to school choice requests from either district residents or non-residents.

Who Needs to Apply

All students who live outside of Eugene School District 4J and do not have an existing multiyear open enrollment transfer to their current school must apply for a transfer to attend a 4J school. This includes:

• Students who have been attending a 4J school as a district resident and have moved out of the district this year

• Students who are currently attending a 4J school on a one-year interdistrict transfer obtained for this year

• Students who are currently attending a 4J school on an existing multiyear open enrollment transfer, and are changing school levels (e.g. middle to high school) or want to change schools (the exception is students continuing a K–12 language immersion program)

• Students newly enrolling in 4J schools, including siblings of current students

Change in District Transfer Process

There are changes in state laws on transfers between districts beginning this year. Families still may apply to transfer from one school district to another, but the process has changed. For a few years, the Oregon Legislature created an “open enrollment” transfer option that let students transfer between districts without the consent of the student’s resident district. This provision has now expired and is no longer available.

Pending board approval, 4J plans to continue enrolling out-of-district students under the “interdistrict transfer” process, which requires that the student’s home district consent to the transfer for any new students seeking to enroll.

Learn More & Apply Today

Application period
Friday, March 1–Sunday, March 31

Application system 

More information
4J School Choice
Out-of-District Transfers

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