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Board Appoints Budget Committee Members

Committee examines and approves annual district budget plan

The school board has appointed two 4J residents, Jennifer Winters Francois and Elizabeth Price, to serve on the district’s budget committee.

Ms. Price will be a new member of the budget committee. Ms. Winters was first appointed to the committee in 2012 and has been renewed to serve a third term. Both will serve three-year terms expiring in 2021.

The budget committee consists of seven appointed community volunteers and the seven elected school board members. The community members continuing their terms in 2018–19 are Josh Burstein, Bob Chandler, Lyn Jost, Merri Steele and Dan Williams.

The budget committee reviews annual budget proposals to ensure that the district is planning to spend money in furtherance of district goals. The committee examines the proposed budget, listens to comments from citizens, and then approves the budget. Positions are non-partisan, unpaid, and are not connected to any specific region within the district.

Ms. Winters and Ms. Price were selected from among 12 qualified candidates for the budget committee openings. Although only two could be appointed to the committee, the board shared its thanks with all those who volunteered to serve our community in this role.


About the 4J Budget Committee 

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