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NS Planned Maintenance: 10/13/2017 AM and PM plans

  • Morning 5am – 7am. Reconfigure network routing, update switching software, and decommission older switches.
  • Evening 6pm – 10pm.  Continue with decommissioning older switches as well as perform maintenance work on http://blogs.4j.lane.edu
Impact (October 13th)
  • Morning: momentary network outages between 5am and 7am,
  • Evening: momentary phone system outage at Ed Center, SEHS, and Sheldon between 6:00pm and 10:00pm.  
  • Continuing through the weekend: Blogs server http://blogs.4j.lane.eduwill be inaccessible through the weekend.
Rollback window:
  • Rollback options are available for all scheduled work
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