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Board Gives Superintendent High Marks in Annual Evaluation

Superintendent noted for educational leadership, student-centric focus and systemic approach

The Eugene School Board has completed its annual performance evaluation of the superintendent, Dr. Gustavo Balderas. The board commended Dr. Balderas’s leadership during his second year as superintendent of Eugene School District 4J.

The superintendent’s annual evaluation focused on five areas: student achievement, staff capacity building, stewardship of district resources, stakeholder engagement as well as relationship with the school board, and leadership and professionalism.

Board Chair Mary Walston noted, “Dr. Balderas continues to provide exceptional educational leadership for the district and approaches his work and role with an intense student-centric focus. He continues to refine and develop a more systemic approach to district practices to ensure that students’ learning and well-being are at the core of everything the district does.”

The board’s overview of its assessment of the superintendent follows.


Executive Summary of Eugene School Board’s Performance Evaluation of Dr. Gustavo Balderas
Eugene School District 4J – Board of Directors
June 7, 2017 

The Board of Directors of Eugene School District 4J has completed its annual performance evaluation of the superintendent, Dr. Gustavo Balderas. Now completing his second year, Superintendent Balderas continues to demonstrate success in his role and the board commends him for his job performance.

Dr. Balderas has become a respected education and community leader. He is known for being accessible to students, parents, staff, board members and the larger community and is to be commended for this quality. He has joined a number of organizations and has sought to become more fully engaged in the community even as he tends to the demanding schedule of the superintendent.

Dr. Balderas takes the time to listen and meet with a wide variety of people, both internal and external to the district. This is critical to his success and the success of the district. Dr. Balderas regularly communicates with board members and other stakeholders to keep them involved with decisions that impact the district. His weekly updates and monthly meetings with each board member are very helpful and the board thanks Dr. Balderas for his efforts in this regard.

Dr. Balderas is focused on students and student learning. He approaches all of his work, direction to staff and decisions with this student-centric lens. The board deeply appreciates the superintendent’s laser focus on students and being an advocate for all students in his work.

Dr. Balderas has done a fine job in creating and serving as a guiding force for his cabinet and management team. With that team he has been quietly but effectively creating systems and practices to not only enhance efficiency and increase educational equity, but also unify the district.

Last year Dr. Balderas and his staff undertook a strategic planning process as a means to provide a roadmap for the district’s future and to focus district resources to better serve students. The strategic planning process also is another step toward creating coherent systems and a departure from the silos of the past.

Articulating the details and fully engaging board members in the 4J Vision 20/20 strategic plan is an area for continued effort during the next year. As the plan is implemented, it is critical that board members, staff and community be able to accurately describe what is in the plan and understand their role in achieving its goals.

In conclusion, the board feels fortunate to have Dr. Balderas leading the district and looks forward to his next year in this role.

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