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NS Planned Maintenance: 04/28/2017 @ 5:30pm


  1. EWEB Fiber work at River Road Elementary is scheduled the previous evening 4/27 after 5:30 pm .
  2. ATA Region ~ Network reconfiguration (finalize decommissioning work for old ATA switch).
  3. Domain Name System (DNS) changes. (Update: Scheduled at 6:00am 4/28)
  4. Reboot Active DirectoryServers (Domain Controllers). (Update: Scheduled at 6:00am 4/28)
  5. Patch/Update Zimbra/Mail Servers.
  6. Spam Filter changes ~ improving the processes for sorting and blocking unwanted email.


  • There should be minimal noticeable impact to end uses.
  • All work will involve short outages either network wide or localized at specific sites where work is scheduled.
  • There will be brief delays in sending and receiving email while Zimbra is being patched and spam filter configuration changes are being made. 

Rollback window:

  • Rollback options are available for all scheduled work 

Follow up ~ 5/1/2017:

  • EWEB Fiber work completed
  • ATA Region ~ Chavez, Adams, Transportation all off of 6500 switch.  One remaining ATA switch left to move.
  • Zimbra patched and email now passing through Barracuda Spam Filter.
  • Changes to wireless vlans  at network core.
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