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School Calendar Changed to Make Up Weather Days

5 school days restored; classes end June 22

This winter has been unusually severe. Many Oregon districts have had to close schools on several days due to hazardous weather. Eugene School District 4J schools have closed for 6 days due to snow and ice this school year, 3 in December and 3 in January.

The school board has approved an updated calendar that restores 5 school days to the school calendar. Four days will be made up at the end of the school year in June. The fifth school day will be restored during the school year, on days previously set aside as no-school days for teacher planning and professional development—March 17 for middle and high schools and May 5 for elementary schools.

The revised final day for students is Thursday, June 22; Friday is the grading day for teachers.

The revised calendar also moves certain grading, progress report and conference days to balance the trimesters and these days’ placement in the school year. High school graduation dates remain the same.

The calendar will be revisited if there are any additional weather-related school closure days.


  • Hazardous weather makeup days:
    • Friday, March 17 (middle and high schools)
    • Friday, May 5 (elementary schools)
    • Monday, June 19
    • Tuesday, June 20
    • Wednesday, June 21
    • Thursday, June 22
  • Other calendar changes: 
    • Thursday, March 16: Regular school day (originally was a no-school day at middle and high schools for staff professional development and planning)
    • Friday, March 17: Regular school day (was a no-school day at middle and high schools for grading, now moved to April 3)
    • Monday, April 3: No-school day at all school levels (was a regular school day at middle and high schools; already was a no-school day for professional development and planning at elementary schools)
    • Tuesday, April 4: Third trimester begins (previously began March 20)
    • Friday, May 5: Regular school day (was a no-school day at elementary schools for professional development and planning; was an early release day at middle and high schools for progress reports, now moved to May 12)
    • Friday, May 12: Early-release day at middle and high schools for progress reports (was a regular school day)
    • Friday, June 9: Regular school day (was a no-school day at elementary schools for grading and parent conferences, now moved to June 16)
    • Friday, June 16: No-school day for elementary schools (was early release day for last day of classes in original calendar)

Updated calendar information

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