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4J Schools Refresh Student Technology

First bond-funded computers delivered to every school

Our students are getting their hands on some new technology, thanks to voters’ approval of the school bond measure last May.

This spring every 4J school is receiving a new mobile computer lab holding 36 MacBook Airs. The mobile labs are called “COWs,” which stands for Computers On Wheels.

The technology refresh is part of the 2013 Crossroads Bond Technology Replacement Project, which is responsibly parceling out voter-approved bond money to bring up-to-date technology to students in every school.

Before the 2013 bond measure passed last year, the technology in our schools was inventoried. Each item was graded on a scale from A to F, based on speed, processing capability and more. The results weren’t pretty:  More than 60 percent flunked.

“Our goal is to get every school in the district equipped with technology that scores at the A-B-C level — no more Ds and Fs,” says Kim Ketterer, 4J’s instructional technology administrator. “This is a first step, ensuring students at every school have access to at least three dozen A-grade pieces of equipment.”

“We have heard wonderful stories already about what a difference this new equipment is making in our students’ learning environment,” Ketterer adds. And it’s all made possible by the passage of the 2013 school bond measure.

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