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Virtual Tour of New School Examples

Photo tour shows design teams’ school visits

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First, see what’s possible. That’s the thinking that led the design committees for 4J’s new elementary schools to take a road trip to Portland this fall.

A group of River Road/El Camino del Río and Howard Elementary School teachers, principals, district administrators, and architects toured three Portland-area elementary schools designed by the project design architect DOWA.

By visiting well-designed modern schools in other districts, design committee members were able to experience firsthand recent developments in school design, expanding on what is found in the few newer school buildings built in Eugene. They got a look at differing examples of educational spaces, how spaces relate to one another within the school, innovative sustainability features, ways student voice was incorporated into the design, and more.

The school tours have helped inform the initial conversations about what we want to see in our new River Road/El Camino del Río and Howard Elementary Schools. The middle school design teams for Roosevelt and Arts & Technology Academy will make similar school visits.

Photographs can’t compare to experiencing a school’s design in person, but they can provide a tantalizing glimpse.

Take the Virtual Tour

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